Niall Horan to Take a Break from Limelight After This Tour

One can only imagine how exhausting being a singer now days can be. It is no longer just about writing the great song and singing it to perfection, hitting up a few venues and promoting yourself. Now, tours are months, nearing years long, with endless cities, countries and shows, with very little breaks in between. It is a tiring and draining process artists nowadays must prepare themselves for when getting into the business.

After 5 years of this gruelling schedule with One Direction, each member took a much needed break from the cameras, the fame and the insanity of celebrity. Niall Horan was the one member who kept us in the loop with his antics, posting Instagram selfies every so often to make us feel like we were still connected while the band took their break.

Now back on tour promoting his solo debut, Horan is nearing the end of his year long world tour promoting Flicker. The tour is scheduled to come to a close in September, and Niall recently revealed he will be taking another little break from the limelight after the lights go down on that final show.

He is fairly noncommittal when it comes to a timeline, saying that he will be working on his second album during this break and isnt sure how long the process will be.

“Nothing has really come yet. When I’m on tour I get into such a routine. And when you’re writing songs I feel like that needs to be 100 per cent your focus.  So I’m going to take a couple of months off after the tour, which finishes in September. Then I’ll just write until I’ve got good tunes. I’m not coming back until I do.” – Niall, the Irish Sun

This past weekend Niall and golf pro Justin Rose held their Horan&Rose fundraiser, bringing in more than £600,000 for Cancer Research UK Kids & Teens. Hosting the bash in Herts at the Grove hotel, celebs such as Olly Murs, Kevin Pietersen and more lent their names to the bill to help support the cause.

Whenever Niall decides to come back with more music, we will be eagerly waiting! But for now, we are enjoying the Flicker tour!