Nina Dobrev Covers NYLON Magazine’s Denim Issue

Every time I think I am going to cut my hair, I see pictures of Nina Dobrev and I know what I want to have her hair. Yes, I said it. She’s stunning.

The Vampire Diaries star is covering Nylon Magazine and looks stunning doing so. She is truly a style icon – even if she doesn’t think she is. The star talked to the magazine and had this to say about fashion, “I was not a girly-girl growing up….I liked fashion, but I wasn’t very fashion savvy. I didn’t always have all the best outfits….For a while there, we actually shopped at The Salvation Army.”

We’re right there with you. And hey, there is nothing wrong with The Salvation Army. We find some really great stuff there. So we respect you shopping there.

We also love the fact that Nina isn’t caught up in the Hollywood life. She’s not the stereotypical diva.

“It doesn’t feel real because I don’t live in that world. When I go to those events, I’m in town specifically for that, and then I leave later that night. I’ve maybe stayed for the after-party once, ever. It still feels like I’m a fan, in a way. A lot of people are very cynical and very jaded, but I’m not there yet.”

We’re looking forward to seeing more of Nina and will be picking up NYLON’s special Denim issue.


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