NYCC Interviews: Tim Kring, David Eick, and Burkely Duffield

When we sat down at New York Comic Con to talk with the people behind the series, Beyond – we were full of wondering what the hell we just watched. Not in a bad way, not at all. But in a “WHAT JUST HAPPENED AND HOW DOES THIS ALL FIT TOGETHER?”

Beyond premiered online last night – ready for you to binge watch, but premieres tonight on Freeform. It’s the type of show that takes a second to get into, but it will suddenly captivate you in ways that you had no idea it could.

The pilot was directed by Age of Adeline director, Lee Toland Krieger, and has the dark, gritty look but has a borderline cozy hometown feel.

It was intentional that the show has a cast that we may not be familiar with. But that’s a good thing. We had no preconceived notions for the show. We just felt as though we were getting to know not only the characters, but also

“It’s got this kind of tonal quality.” says Tim Kring. He continued by saying, “It has this very warm, glowy, family feel to it.” And those are two things that we agree with whole heartedly.

The show has a mix of all the things that we have seen in supernatural YA shows (cause it really does feel like it’s a YA show).

Possibly our favorite interview, was David Eick. He wasn’t involved in the pilot. But we asked him, because we were really confused, just how it is that Holden’s powers come into play and if they are a central part of why he is wanted.

“Let me put it this way. This is a show in which the characters have seen all the shows that you are talking about. So they are just as frustrated as you, wanting to know what does this mean? How does this work? Are they even powers? Do I call them powers?”

He continued. “The first season is about this young man trying to figure out the answers to these questions.”

David is amazing and any trepidation that we would have about the show was dispelled with his blunt, tell it like it is attitude.

Truth be told, we’re afraid of becoming emotionally invested in these characters because you never know who will be coming or going. Or even more important – who the hell you can trust.

But one person the we have to assume will be sticking around is Burkely Duffield. He’s the star of the show after all.

Burkely plays Holden – a man who has been in a coma for 12 years. That’s an awful long time. When he wakes up – he doesn’t know what the world around him is – because he doesn’t remember anything from the time that he fell into his coma.

We learn quickly in the show that Holden is told to trust no one. So we had to ask if there was anyone that we could trust. That Holden could trust.

“I would say that there is really no one he can trust.”

Well okay then Burkely. We’ll still be watching.

Beyond premieres tonight on Freeform.


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