We’re Obsessed With Cole Sprouse’s Instagram

It’s funny to me that I don’t really know that Cole Sprouse was from The Suite Life, but I can’t think of him as anything but Jughead Jones. I don’t want to think of him as anything else. I think that we can all agree that he’s grown up beautifully.

Ok, ok, I will say it – he’s hot. Yes, he’s really easy on the eyes.

But besides loving him as Jughead, we’re obsessed with his Instagram. Why? The man has mad photography skills. He’s also not too shabby on the caption game. Yes, Mr. Sprouse, you make any copyrighter proud.

Here’s some of our favorites…

1 – Leaving New York.

Leaving New York. Life has been moving pretty fast these couple months. With the monumental decision to return to acting after a long hiatus, I’ve decided to move back to California. For a couple months I’ll be doing my photography in LA, at least until my final move to Vancouver for #Riverdale this summer. Sometimes opportunities present themselves to you in unfamiliar ways. And oftentimes the discomfort that come with those decisions are an indication for how important they are to your development. Discomfort is a fundamentally important feature of our lives, and something that demands action. The actions we choose to make determine who we become, and so discomfort is the grand catalyst to growth. I’ll try to remember this next time I’m in knee deep water.

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2 – Canyons

I’m here now

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3 – Old Hollywood

Young Old Hollywood with @madelame

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4 – Side Mirror Reflections.

No more mercury left for the reflection pools, time to find our twins elsewhere.

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5 – Open 24 Hours

Open 24hrs

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6 – Colorful Houses

If you’re going

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7 – Cowboys

Kouros cowboy

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8 – Dunes

For the palette ?

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9 – 2 Seasons in One

Perhaps just for the moment, perhaps just for the palette. ?

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10 – Death Valley

Death Valley

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11 – Valley

That way @dagsen

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12 – Cloud Partition

Partition part 3

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13 – Orange Reflections

A bright orange future

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14 – Commodity

Commodity in color

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15 – Lily of the Valley

16 – Front Row to the City

And even though there was no one there, I felt like I was interrupting a conversation.

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17 – Trespassing

Now I do a lot of urban exploration photography, which is really just a fancy name for trespassing, but I have never had quite an experience like that of today. Let’s just call it Grave Tidings.~ I hopped the fence and snuck around the barbed wire, dropping to the large stones below. The shoreline looked like any other in Brooklyn, an assortment of unusable building materials and scraps pushed together into a crude wall of wave breakers. I paid no mind at first, just trying to scout a potential location some way into the distance. Soon, something began to feel funny however, and as I slipped on a seaweed covered rock the corner of my eye caught hold of what appeared to be an engraving. Upon closer inspection, it was. A gravestone lay lodged onto the shoreline, and I stared in disbelief. Then I became paranoid, and as I started to look at the other wave breakers I realized this entire segment of the coast was made of only old tombstones. As a sign of respect for the dead, let me repeat the words that remain etched upon this grave discarded and bodiless. “In loving memory of my dear son Bienvenido Fajardo. N.Y. Guard. Born October 29, 1897. Died September 8, 1918.” He was, and still is, turning 21.

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18 – Urban Jungle

Run through at full speed

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19 – Trains

20 – Emerald Pools

21 – Train Tracks

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