#OfficialFifty: #FiftyShadesofGrey Spotlight – Trigger Street Productions

Kevin Spacey tells some really great stories, and with that voice of his — hypnotic, grave but enticing — you cannot help but listen. So seeing his production company, Trigger Street Productions formed with producing partner Dana Brunetti in 1997, succeed seems just like another day for this man. Everything he touches turns golden, right?!

The name Trigger Street actually comes from a childhood memory Spacey likes to talk about since it’s been a dream of his for so long. Spacey lived in a neighborhood near where Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and Rogers’ horse Trigger all lived on their ranch. Spacey and his friends loved the street that ranch was located on — Trigger Street — and always dreamed of opening a theater on it with a stage where they could put on their own “Trigger Street” productions. How cute is that, yeah?!
Here’s a list of just a few of the highly successful projects that have come from Trigger Street Productions: Captain Phillips, House of Cards, The Social Network, 21, Shakespeare High. Future films from them include the highly anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey based upon E. L. James’ book of the same title and Gran Turismo based upon the Sony playstation game with the same title.

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