#OfficialFifty: The @FiftyShades Graphics Get Our Blood Boiling… In a Good Way

We love us some graphics campaigns. And the great thing about them is that they give us some insight to movies, but most of all it gets our minds going. We start thinking about scenes in the book, how it will transfer to the silver screen.

Admit it fangirls – you look at these things and you think that they are speaking to you. We’re not judging – we’re the same. And we’re about to be bad – because the ones from Fifty Shades of Grey have us drooling.

So we thought – what are our thoughts on all the ones that have us counting down the days until February.

1- We thank you for the advice Christian Grey, but we’re pretty sure that the only thing that we want to steer ourselves to – is your man parts.


2 – Why the fuck haven’t you upgraded to an iPhone Anastasia? Maybe that’s why he hasn’t let you in. He hasn’t been able to get ahold of you on your archaic phone.


3- Well, though we’re pretty sure everything on our body will hurt, but we’re willing to go for it.


4-What will happen? We’ll pop some aspirin for the pain. Let’s do this!


5- You aren’t playing fair – but please continue to play. Play HARD.


6- But can we change you out of those clothes and into your birthday suit? Just asking!


7- I can tell by the way you’re controlling my lady bits.


8- Please. Please treat my like I know nothing and educate me. I’m ready, willing, and able.


Fifty Shades of Grey hits theaters February 13, 2015.

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