#OfficialFifty: We Talk with #FiftyShades Starlet @AnnaLSargeant

Today marks the release of Fifty Shades of Grey and we personally couldn’t be more excited. In celebration of the release, we’re bringing you an interview with Anna Sargeant – who was in Fifty Shades  as one of the graduates.

We love having the insight to life on movie sets, and Anna gives great insight to one of our favorite movies this year.

Describe your experience on set of Fifty Shades of Grey?

I had a really wonderful experience on the Fifty Shades set. It was my first role in such a large-scale feature film and so it was all quite exciting for me.

We shot the graduation scene, which I’m apart of, over the course of a full day with hundreds of extras to make it look and feel like a real graduation ceremony. At the very end of the scene we even got to toss our hats up into the air, which I probably found more fun than a grown woman should’ve.

I was also really stoked on the food, I must say, I know that might not sound like something that deserves much attention…but I had this Five Spice Chicken that was like a party in my mouth. The catering was great.

 Were you a fan of the book before you got cast?

In short…No I can’t say I was a fan, because I hadn’t read the books before I had any involvement in the movie. My mother, however, is a not so secret 50 shades fanatic. I remember just after the books had become widely popular, she would sneak around the house with them and I was like…”Mom, I know what you’re reading.” She’d shrug it off and pretend she wasn’t that into them and was just trying to “see what all the fuss was about.” She devoured the entire series in one summer so she wasn’t fooling anyone.

When I found out I had been cast in the movie adaptation my mom was the only person I told (for security reasons we weren’t allowed to disclose the information to anyone.) So that was cool being able to share that secret with her.

 What was it like working with Dakota Johnson? She seems like such a sweetheart!

Dakota is a lovely person. Everyone on set was. The morning prior to filming, Dakota, Eloise (kate), Megan Danso (the other graduate) and I all sat in the makeup trailer and ate breakfast together. In between takes we’d chat, but ultimately on set everyone’s there to do a job so there wasn’t a whole lot of socializing. Having said that, she was a great actress to work with. She gave a lot of energy to the scene and it was so easy to give the performance I needed to because of her vibe.

 How hard was it oogling at Jamie Dornan all day? (BTW we’re so jealous!)

Yes…When I saw Jamie on set I was like, “Yep, that is an ATTRACTIVE man.” It definitely wasn’t hard to ogle, was I even acting? We’ll never know.

What was the audition process like for Fifty Shades of Grey compared to other projects you’ve worked on?

I think the biggest difference was everything was all so secretive. When my agent phoned me to tell me about the audition she wasn’t allowed to name the project. So it wasn’t until I received the sides (the audition material) and read the names “Christian” and “Ana” that I thought, “Wait a second…is this 50 shades of Grey?” Even the casting directors were quiet about it and used a code name for the audition.

 Was EL James on set? If so, how involved was she in the filmmaking process?

EL James wasn’t there during the duration of my time on set. I have heard she was often present whilst filming and was heavily involved in the creative process of the film, but unfortunately I never saw her.

What can we see you in next?

I feel extremely lucky because Fifty Shades has opened up opportunities for me that just weren’t there before. I’m not at liberty to discuss anything at the moment. What I can say is since the theatrical release of the film, I’ve been auditioning for some big projects and I’m excited for what the next couple of months will bring. I have a feeling you’ll be seeing more of me in the near future.


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