Oh #Reign – We Didn’t Think Mary Would Be A Cheater

I’ve kind of given up on Reign because well – it’s let me down this season. I love Adelaide Kane and Torrance Coombs, but the plot lines haven’t kept me interested this season. I have struggled to have faith in the show.

But their teasers keep pulling me in like a half billion dollar lottery – hoping that this time I will win.

Now – by this one I am tuning in, cause I want to know what the fuck happens with Mary and Conde. Is she nuts? Cheating on her hubby! Her head will look good on a stake.

Here’s our thoughts –

1 – Conde you are so pretty. But you are the stupidest kind of pretty and for that you need to have your ass kicked.

2 – Mary… I get you’re mad at Francis, but cheaters never prosper.

3 – Lady in the forest who saw it all – there’s a word, it’s called blackmail. Learn it.

4 – Conde’s creepy brother is the only one with any sense.

The wait begins. Reign, titled “Tasting Revenge,” returns on Thursday, March 12!

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