‘Once Upon A Time’ 7×15 Review: “Sisterhood”

The most recent episode of Once Upon A Time which is appropriately named “Sisterhood”, for the main arc of the episode, which focuses on Drizella and Anastasia and their journey back to each other. If this story proves anything, it proves love – any kind of love (whether it’s romantic or familial) – is stronger than any magic or force.

We all know this, but the show reinforces it not only in the bond of Drizella and Anastasia – but in the connection between Jacinda and Henry as well. It proves again, curse or no curse love reigns supreme and that there will always be a connection.

Love – the connection between us all. It’s not a weakness, but a strength.

Such a beautiful message when you think about it. If only it were that simple in the real world. It’s such a simple message, but the show proves it can be a hard message for its characters to embrace.

Drizella and Anastasia – Sisterhood is Stronger Than Magic


In a previous episode, Drizella tells Henry that the way she will help repair her mother’s wrongs is to repair her relationship with her sister, Anastasia. In this episode, Drizella finally finds Anastasia – and they end up getting past their issues to get a happy send-off.

However, Drizella originally was going to use Anastasia’s magic as her own to protect herself from dying. She had to get through a lot in a very short time period to realize that the love she has for her sister is her strength, not her weakness. That using Anastasia’s magic for herself is also not a good idea.

Surprisingly, this epiphany came from Dr. Facilier – a character I have yet to begin to trust. With the use of his tarot cards, he tells Drizella that her bond with Anastasia is stronger and that they need each other – now more than ever. Drizella is being targeted by the person killing witches – and even Facilier says he is a target.

In a flashback, Drizella has her invitation from Mother Gothel to join her coven and in doing so, there’s competition. During this, Drizella meets Gretel (yes that one) and they begin to form a bond. I’m not going to lie – I liked the friendship they had developing. Then Gothel is her normal self and puts these two girls up to killing each other. Gretel realizes she can’t, but Drizella ends up killing Gretel – and all Gothel does is praise her.

Remember, Gothel is the biggest manipulator of them all and this is a prime example of how her manipulations work. Is this one of the first views we have of Gothel’s coven? Will we see all of who is in it? We know Drizella is in it now because the witch killer came after her in Hyperion Heights and this person is definitely killing off members of Gothel’s coven. For what reason we do not know. I’ll go into this later, but I did want to touch on this connection to the only flashbacks we had in this episode being surrounded around Drizella and Gothel’s coven.

Gothel is an integral part of Drizella figuring out in this episode that her love for her sister is stronger than any magic or coven – despite it also being referred to as a sisterhood. That they are stronger together than apart and so Drizella gets Anastasia to enchant a magic bean. (Seriously where are they coming from – it’s not like there’s a magic bean tree somewhere – I’m beginning to believe it’s just a useful plot device at this point.) A magic bean she got from Facilier – I’ll go into him later – and they open a portal to who knows where and they leave Hyperion Heights for good.

What does this mean? It means Drizella and Anastasia got their happy ending. Despite Drizella being the person who poisoned Henry and used Regina’s more powerful magic to cast the curse – she gets her happy ending. Is it fair? I have always felt Drizella deserved to pay for poisoning Henry in some way – and no – the death of her mother isn’t enough for the pain she has caused so many people just for vengeance against her mother. The first new characters in OUAT season 7 to get a happy ending, earned or not.

I still am a firm believer the happiness should be earned in this show, and I feel Drizella has not earned her happy ending, wherever she is, making up time with her sister. Undeserved as it might be, here it is.

Often, the writers have given happy endings to characters who have not earned them. That haven’t had enough redemption to be happy, in whatever way that might be. Alas, I will stop before I write a huge rant on this topic. The only good thing is Drizella realizing that love is a strength – and that the bonds of sisterhood are a force not easily broken.

Glass Believer


While Henry, Rogers, and Nick are hanging out at the arcade bar, Henry makes a bet with them that he will ask out the next woman that walks in the door. Mainly due to his loneliness since he hasn’t been able to see Jacinda – and he can’t get her out of his head. Coincidentally, at this moment, Jacinda walks in and Henry sees it as a sign of fate. That he may not be as crazy as he thinks he is. He’s like, “Is what Lucy said true?”

As I’ve said since we first saw Henry and Ella meet in flashbacks in the premiere episode, the connection that they have in the flashbacks transfers to their cursed personas. The connection is there. Henry can’t get Jacinda out of his mind and really believes that Jacinda showing up at the arcade bar as fate.


When Jacinda mentions to him that he should try to sink the arcade token into the glass down the bar and that if he sinks it that it is fate. That what Lucy says is true.

That’s an impossible shot, no one could make that. – Henry
Well, that’s the whole point. Me walking through those doors could be a coincidence, but you sinking in this token is truly a million to one. – Jacinda
Alright, so if it lands in the mug then everything’s real. The fairytales, destiny… true love. – Henry
Good luck, my prince. – Jacinda

The token would’ve landed in the glass too, had someone not moved it. So, is it a lucky shot or is it fate? Now, normally I’d say it’s a lucky shot. However, this is OUAT and true love is real. It crosses realms and breaks curses. It’s stronger than anything else. So, in the world of OUAT, I don’t doubt for a minute that this is fate. That this is what is supposed to happen.


Jacinda leaves the bar giving a solemn Henry a cheek kiss. (We are getting closer to getting the true love’s kiss – that hopefully won’t kill Henry – I just know it.) However, at home, Jacinda tries the trick again and the shot lands in the glass. When she hears it land in the glass she smiles. There’s this look on her face that makes me think she doesn’t think what Lucy is saying is so far-fetched after all.

So, where do we go from here? Will Jacinda go to Lucy about this revelation? Will she be brought in on how to break the curse without Henry dying? Will Lucy finally get the reaffirmation from her mother that she has wanted since realizing these stories in Henry’s book are completely real, despite Henry not knowing that himself?

Are we one step closer to the curse getting broken? I certainly hope so.

Operation Bromance


At the beginning of the episode, Lucy is sitting at Roni’s talking to Regina about her worry for Henry. That he seems lonely since he doesn’t have many friends in Hyperion Heights while her mom at least has Sabine. Regina tells Lucy that before the curse happened that Wish Hook and Jack (who we know are Rogers and Nick) were his closest friends. Maybe she should try getting them together and see what happens. Lucy deems it “Operation Bromance”.

A Bromance it is! Lucy is a sneaky one. Reminds me so much of season 1 Henry. She texts all of them and asks them to show up at the arcade bar, but never shows up herself. All Lucy wants is her dad to have something to keep his mind off her mom, as they need to be apart until she and Regina can make sure the curse will break without Henry dying.

They connect. They drink – except Rogers (who apparently is drinking lemon water) and they bond. They talk about Henry’s issues with Jacinda and Henry’s epic quest to break the high score on the Galaga machine – which he apparently held until recently. Wow. What a life Henry. I’m glad you are occupying your time.


Eventually their bonding is broken up by Jacinda arriving and her and Henry have their moments of connection. While that’s taking place, Rogers and Nick are off playing pool. Note – Rogers is not that good at pool. It’s interesting to see him watch Henry and Jacinda talking. It’s almost like he’s there silently rooting for them – for which I’m sure he is.

Another note, you can tell the friendship between Wish Hook and Henry shining through and it’s ALMOST as good as Henry and our original Hook. I said ALMOST, people. There’s a bond – a bromance – if you will – and it’s epic. I have no clue where Nick – or Jack – fits in here. I haven’t seen enough of the friendship to be able to gush. Besides Nick is Lucy’s cursed father. AWKWARD.

I just loved getting to see Rogers and Henry bond. This was just a fun segment to the episode and it helped lighten some of the darkness – well except Nick.

I’ll get to Nick in a moment. Let’s just say that during this scene, he drops some hints that make you suspicious. Especially towards Rogers and where his case is with the witch killings. At first, you can let it slide. Maybe he’s a concerned citizen? I mean, who wouldn’t be? Someone is off killing witches in a town that has cursed fairy tale characters and no magic – except a rare few.

Plot Twist Shocker!!

I’m getting to it. This section continues my topic above. No, not the epic bromance of Rogers and Henry, but Nick and his suspicious activity. Asking about an ongoing investigation. His uselessness to the plot overall. I have sat here since he was introduced wondering how he fits in – other than making stuff awkward for Henry – and now we are FINALLY getting answers!!

*insert drum roll here*


At the end of the episode, we see Nick open up the trunk to his car and we see a mask and some boxes of chocolate – confirming that he is the killer.

Earlier in the episode, we see a man in a mask attack Drizella in a parking garage and while the attack is happening, you see his keychain. Now, I should’ve caught it in the bar – and I didn’t. In this scene, though, everything comes together and it’s like – wow I did not see that coming with this character. When, truly I should’ve seen it because after thinking about it – the hints were there in bright bold colors.

Now I have questions. What is Nick’s motive? And who is Nick really? Is he really Jack? Or is he someone else that has a hatred for witches? When will Rogers and Weaver put the pieces together? What will the reveal bring to the show? How will this change things? Honestly, things just got interesting. I need answers.

Rumple’s Fight to Get To Belle 


We learn in the episode that Rumple has not only been repairing the broken teacup that is a symbol of Belle – and has been since FOREVER – but that he is on the case of Facilier wanting his dagger. Let’s just say, I knew Rumple would confront Facilier. Confront he did.

He tells him that he doesn’t mess with him and his family. Meaning, his chance to get to the afterlife with Belle. The thing he wants the most. Rumple has Regina questioning her relationship with Facilier – and for good reasons. This isn’t a good thing. As Regina tells Facilier, Rumple is usually right when it comes to things. This time – I would advise Regina to actually listen to Rumple. It’s an interesting form of their dynamic. That’s for sure.

I wonder how this Facilier and Rumple thing will play out? Will Rumple succeed in his mission? Or will Facilier actually win? I can’t say which I actually want because as I said above Rumple succeeding means he gets his happy ending with Belle. Has he earned this? I honestly can’t say. Rumple has done some irredeemable things – many towards Belle.

Should Facilier get the dagger though? Again – I honestly don’t want that. We’ve seen what the dagger does. What it has done to Rumple. What it did to Emma – the Savior. What it did to Hook. What it’s done to the others before Rumple. In my honest opinion, it needs to stay with Rumple. He’s never going to be fully redeemed – he’s The Dark One. However, I do think over the course of time, Rumple has learned to control the darkness in a way where it doesn’t get out of hand. So, Facilier having the dagger – is NOT a good idea.

Also, Rumple thought he had a guardian in Anastasia and now that she’s in some unknown land, he will have to search for another. Is this new guardian Alice? Is it someone else already in Hyperion Heights? Will Rumple just give up on his quest and have to suffer immortality? Will he be the character that doesn’t get his happy ending? I guess we will have to see, but this is definitely a harder task than originally thought – especially now that Rumple has no guardian and someone after the dagger.

Facilier – Did He Actually Do Something Selfless?


As the gif suggests above, Facilier gives Regina a way to save Henry. In the form of magic that he siphoned off of Anastasia in Victoria Belfrey’s old office where he was with Anastasia and Drizella prior to their departure. It’s a magic less land – made like that by Drizella on purpose when the curse was cast.

All Regina needs is little bit of magic and she can figure out how to save Henry. Now, due to what I can call as the only selfless act of Facilier’s so far, Regina has the ability to save Henry. When she asks if it has a price – Facilier says no. However, I can’t begin to feel it might. I guess it’s something we will have to see happen.

So, now that Regina has magic – where do we go from here? How long does it take her to figure out how to stop Henry from dying before they can break the curse? I honestly can’t wait to see how this plays out.


In the end, this episode was entertaining and had plot a twist that I honestly should’ve seen coming – but didn’t. It moves the plot along on many fronts and, of course provides a happy ending for Drizella and Anastasia – despite my opinion on if it should’ve happened or not.

It had the right amount of an over arching message – love is a strength in any form. It is the strongest form of a connection. It is a beautiful message that is often missed by fictional characters – including the ones on this show and I’m glad it was touched on in various ways through the plot lines of this episode. Whether it be Anastasia and Drizella, Glass Believer, or even Rumple and him trying to get to Belle – the message is there.

Here is the promo for next week’s episode, “Breadcrumbs”:

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