‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 5: Meet the Dark Swan

Comic-Con is almost here, and with it, comes news, news, news. The past few weeks have been ripe with casting information, but now, one week before the Once Upon a Time panel, Entertainment Weekly has our first look at Emma as the Dark One!



After sacrificing herself for everyone (again!), Emma, who the show-runners say we should call, wait for it, The Dark Swan, is now just as formidable and just as powerful as Rumplestiltskin once was, but is she just as evil? To this point all we had was speculation. What would dark Emma look like? How would she behave?

Here’s our first clue. The Dark Swan is truly, something we and the rest of Storybrooke should fear.

It’s not as simple as good and evil, though, not in Once Upon a Time. Emma’s light magic and her new dark powers are bound to clash. The question is: will Emma be strong enough to fight it? And, how will her powers manifest themselves while she’s struggling for control?

But those are not the only questions, no. In fact, all we have are questions! Will the quest for Merlin be a quick one and easy one? More importantly, when they find him, will Merlin be willing to help? And, how, exactly do you even search for Merlin in Storybrooke? Is someone going back to Fairy Tale Land?

Hopefully, we’ll get a least a glimpse of what’s coming during the Once Upon a Time Comic-Con panel, next Saturday at 10:00 AM. In the meantime, let’s enjoy our first look at the Dark Swan, and let’s give kudos to the makeup and wardrobe people, as well as Jennifer Morrison, because the Dark Swan looks like someone we really, really don’t want to cross.

Once Upon a Time returns to ABC Sunday, Sept. 27.


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