‘Once Upon a Time’ Season 5 Speculation: Green Babies, Love Triangles and Ex-Dark Ones

I covered a fair bit of speculation in my last Once Upon a Time post, but of course, with this big an ensemble of characters it’s impossible to get it all down in just one piece, which is why it’s now time to take on Regina, Zelena and the man who stands in the middle of them! (Say THAT three times fast).

And I’m not talking about the presumably green baby to come.

Poor Robin, really. All he’s done from the beginning is try to do the right thing. I know all our characters have had their share of suffering, but what Robin has had is, simply put, bad luck. And things are not exactly looking up.

He got the girl, yes, Presumably so, at least. But to say their relationship is complicated is to say the Titanic had a little issue with an iceberg.  Zelena is pregnant (and very much trapped), but still a part of both of their lives. Baby pretty much ensures that. And I don’t think Regina is looking forward to being an aunt, not in this particular scenario.

Still, this is not going to be the thing that breaks up Robin and Regina. This is old, disturbing news. But just because it’s all (debatably) forgiven doesn’t mean it’s forgotten. How can Regina even be expected to forget when the very real proof that Robin didn’t exactly wait to move on with his “wife” will be born in a few months?

I sense trouble is coming to Outlaw Queen land. And in this particular instance, I’m firmly on Regina’s side. Mistaken identity or not it doesn’t look like Robin really took a moment to mourn the loss of the woman he supposedly loved. He was trying to make the best of a bad situation, yes, but Marian (or at least the Marian we thought she was) would have understood if he needed some time.

Things are going to get even rockier when Zelana is out an about, of course. Because they can’t just keep her locked up forever, that’s not sustainable. She’s pregnant. She’s also magical, and with Rumple in a coma and Emma going full Dark Swan, I imagine it’ll be all hands on deck in the magical department.

Makes for good TV.

Robin and Zelena’s baby is also another big question mark. Does Zelena even care about this baby? She seems to be one of the villains that the writers have no intention of ever redeeming, mostly because she isn’t evil as much as she’s unhinged, and you can’t really fix that. Not without medications and therapy. Maybe what they need is Archie! We haven’t seen him in a while, and Zelena sure looks like she could use someone to talk to.

But this is probably not where they’re going, no. So, in this case, get ready for at least half a season of the most disturbing love-triangle in television, and, hopefully, a healthy baby that will NOT be killed to make things easier. Because, writers, when you bring a baby into the story-line, you don’t get to make it go away so effortlessly.

(Not like you did with the wife)

The other big question mark for Season 5 that we have yet to discuss? Rumplestiltskin or the man formerly known as the Dark One. The only clue we’ve gotten about his possible fate is the confirmation that he’s still in a coma when the season opens, not a surprising development considering that the whole taking the darkness out of him thing looked painful as hell.

We have several questions about what his future looks like, the main one being: Is there such a thing as reformed Dark One? What does having the darkness removed even mean? Other than an extended nap, how soon can we expect him to wake up? And what will be waking up as?

I have a feeling the coma won’t last long, because Robert Carlyle is too good an actor to waste, but maybe they plan to stretch it out for a few episodes, just to up the drama quotation with Regina and her sister. I would.

The other question, the other question is much more complicated. The man Rumple was before he became the Dark One was not exactly bad man, no, but he wasn’t without flaws. Now he has a chance to start fresh, to really and truly turn a new leaf. Belle would presumably be there. She doesn’t have many reasons to support him, but knowing Belle, she’ll at least give him a chance to prove that this is really the new beginning they’d been waiting for.

Problem is …is it?

Being the Dark One for so long leaves its mark, I presume. And Robert Carlyle is really, really good as villain Rumple. Even better than he is at being morally conflicted Rumple. And we’re all assuming Merlin knows a way to get rid of the darkness…but what’s life without darkness? How can you really vanish it for good?

Maybe you can’t.  Maybe it always has to be tethered to someone.

And Rumple has proven, time and time again that he’ll choose power above anything else.

Which, in my head, adds up to Rumplestiltskin becoming the Dark One again. Can you imagine a full season of kind, loving Rumple? Yeah, that’s not going to happen. It’s one of two ways for a character like him. Either you kill him, or you let him be the villain. The writers have already gone too far to change their minds.

Power is, after all, his one true love.

Have any more speculation/theories? Share in the comments! And join me next week as I wrap up this speculation series with a whole lot of ramblings about Camelot.

Once Upon a Time returns to ABC with new episodes on Sunday, September 27th.

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