‘Once Upon A Time’ Series Roundtable: A Look Back

Over the course of seven seasons, Once Upon A Time has allowed us to journey with Emma, Henry, Hook, Snow, Charming, Regina, Rumple, and many, many more through darkness, pain, loss, and a path to happiness. The journey is complex and beautiful – but not without its faults. This roundtable takes a look back on this epic, complex journey about our likes, dislikes, and the things in which we would change.

Just a reminder, that the things expressed here are the personal opinion of the individuals who wrote it. That’s what roundtables are for: a chance for us to express our opinions on these topics. They don’t have to be the popular ones. If you disagree, let us know – but be kind. We’re all for open discussion. This roundtable is a form of that.

We love hosting roundtables because they allow us to discuss these epic and amazing characters – and our often very different opinions. With that being said, please join our Fangirlish writer Kayla, and our guest writers Kristin, Lison, Sarah, Patrice, and Lynsey to talk about the incredible journey OUAT has had over the course of seven seasons.

1. What was your favorite Season of Once Upon A Time? Your favorite episode? What arc would you say was your least favorite?


Kayla: I love Season 6. It is without a doubt the season that made me smile the most, laugh the most and finally seeing Emma and Killian together – and get married was the ultimate payoff as a shipper. As I heard someone once say, as a fan we are there with the characters through the good, the bad, the ugly – we feel their feelings with them. So, when the ultimate payoff happens – especially in terms of a relationship that you love – in the form of a ‘happy beginning’ (this case marriage), you squeal and squee and are happy with them. I know I did.

I love the musical episode from season 6, “The Song In Your Heart.” It has my heart forever. It not only captured the musical aspect perfectly – but it was Emma and Hook’s wedding. It is just perfect.

Many of the episodes in the underworld arc make me cringe – I also have disliked a few episodes in season 7 (mainly “Eloise Gardner”, “Flower Child”, and “The Guardian”). Most of the episodes I named had a lot of Gothel in them and I had many issues with her and if you read my reviews, you know my major issue was her rape of Wish Hook and the show’s total lack of calling it what it was. Of course, then again this show had that problem, but I digress. I dislike “The Guardian,” because while it may have worked in an earlier season, it didn’t work as anything but filler this close to the series finale and I became bored with it quickly.

Kristin: My favorite season of Once Upon A Time was 4B, with my favorite episode being “Sympathy for the De Vil.” My least favorite arc was absolutely 5A – if I’m doing a rewatch, I generally skip it completely.

Lison: I think my favorite season would be the third if I had to choose, mainly because when I was watching it I really needed this show in my life. My favorite episode would be “Wish You Were Here” in season 6 but I have many favorite episodes. My least favorite arc would be 5A, the Dark Swan one, I was really disappointed in how it was treated and how it ended.

Sarah: My favorite season is season 1, hands down. It was the season I fell in love with the show, this quirky idea of real people dealing with life in a small town while having these whole other fairy tale identities and backstories that we learned about little by little. In retrospect, it still has its very own unique feel to it in comparison to the magical extravaganza of the following seasons. One of my favorite episodes therefore is still the pilot episode, the one that started it all.

My least favorite arc is the Underworld arc from 5B; with very few exceptions the episodes were boring and the red hue of the Underworld made the viewing experience extremely unpleasant overall.

Patrice: My favorite season was 1 because that’s when the whole concept of what we know about fairytales changed our viewpoints. The previews before the show even started sparked my interest and once it aired I was dedicated. Season 1 really grabbed my attention with all the modern/well known stories taking part in the world we lived in. I loved how we explored the basics till further seasons and really got a feel for what was ahead.

Least favorite arc was Frozen because they seriously just rushed into adding it since that was the hype for over half a year. I think it could have waited, but since it was so rushed it turned out sloppy and boring.

Lynsey: Honestly, I would have to say that Season 6 was my favorite. It was the season where finally Emma found her ‘happy beginning.’ She had her parents, her son and the love of her life and she was no longer that lost girl from Season 1. I loved seeing the end of Emma’s journey after being along with her for the ride. I’m a shipper and my ship was perfection in Season 6, with a few bumps but still perfection. Can we say pancakes, anyone?

My favorite episode is the season finale of Season 1, when Emma breaks the curse. Seeing everyone wake up and remember who they were? Glorious. Seeing Charming and Snow run to each other? Stops my heart.

I despised the Peter Pan arc. The only good thing about it was the true beginning of my Captain Swan ship. Other than that, I could’ve done without. I hated Peter. With a passion.

2. Who was your favorite character in Once Upon A Time and why?


Kayla: My favorite character is a hard one – I love many of these characters with all of my heart. However, my favorite was Emma. Emma – the savior. Emma – the mother. Emma – the daughter. Emma – the wife (eventually). Emma – the friend. She has this amazing story that made me want to tune in to see how it played out. Will this girl who has had so much pain in her life finally get happiness?

The true mark of a connection to a fictional character is seeing them come from the ultimate pain  and go to the ultimate happiness – to earn their happy ending, or as the show says ‘beginning’ – because you feel as is you’ve earned it with them as viewer. I feel this with Emma.

Her strength is what drove her. It made her the character I loved.

Kristin: I will shamelessly say Killian Jones/Captain Hook. It took me some time to warm up to him once he made his arrival, but he grew on me and before too long, I was waiting for him to show up on my screen. His character experiences such an evolution from seasons 2-6. He started as a vengeful and hateful villain and transformed gradually through the act of falling in love. One of my favorite Hook moments was after he gave Ursula back her happy ending. He tells Emma that they’ve never discussed the fact that he was a villain and asks her why he should get his happy ending. He owned his behavior and that was an important moment for him. I also loved Cruella and Will Scarlett, if I can throw them in there as well.

Lison: My favorite character is Regina Mills. I didn’t really like her at first during the first season but then knowing her story changed everything. I love all her sass, her strength, and the life lessons she gives. She loves with all her heart and that makes her so relatable. All her relationships are heartfelt and filled with passion, she is entirely invested in everything she does and felt. I love how much she changed and especially how far she went and how she realised what she was capable of and what was her real happy ending along the way. I admire her.

Sarah: My favorite character is without a doubt Regina Mills. She is an incredibly complex character with such a multitude of layers and the more we learned about her, the more I fell in love with her. She has been through so much – from the young teenager forced into a marriage she never wanted to the feared Evil Queen to the mother learning how to love again – and through all the pain and rage she has finally managed to find a place in the world where she is happy. I adore her strength, her protectiveness of the people she loves, her sass, her soft and big heart; she has really taught me a lot and it has been such a privilege to witness her journey over these past seven years.

Patrice: My favorite character is, no questions asked, Regina Mills. Lana undoubtedly gave the character justice just as she did with the Evil Queen. The Evil Queen being my favorite villain only skyrocketed seeing her truly come to life in such an exotic and badass stature. She taught so many lessons about love, weakness, strength, power, friendships, and many more. Not all evil is bad. The fact her storyline came out the way it did is truly remarkable and something to really look up to and admire.

Lynsey: This may come as a shock to no one, but Emma Swan is my favorite character. This was truly her story, seeing her change from that loner of a woman, to a mother, a Savior, a daughter, a friend and a lover. She opened up her heart slowly but she loved with everything in her, especially by the end. Jennifer Morrison played this character so well, and watching her have this growing relationship with her parents just made me melt.

3. Who was your least favorite character in Once Upon A Time and why?


Kayla: Just as there are characters I loved – there were characters I hated. I have a few.

In season 7, it is without doubt – Gothel. She is a rapist, manipulator, and just downright cruel. Having so much time placed on her made me cringe. I just was asking for them to use the screen time for something else – and I could’ve easily done without an episode explaining her backstory. No explaining is going to make it better. You can’t explain away her raping Wish Hook for her own gain. You can’t – rape is rape.

I could say the same for Regina and Zelena – because they both raped and got away with it. I’m calling it what it is. It can never be fully redeemed. I don’t care what this show says. They needed to learn the concept of consent and not use rape in a show about fairy tale characters that young children could be watching without at least explaining why this scenario is not a good thing – and they didn’t. The victim let the rapist get away. Regina and Zelena had many of their issues and unlike many fans or the show’s writers – I never let them off so easy. Because the concept of what they did irks me. They didn’t ever have to pay consequences for that particular action. I also never fully hated them, but these qualities I mentioned above made me have issues with saying I liked them.

I had many issues with Rumple over the series – while I never fully hated him – he was abusive to his wife and she just never called him on it. Belle – while I loved her, she just let Rumple get away with abuse that needed to be stopped. She did not have to be with him, but chose to anyway.

There’s one more – Peter Pan. He couldn’t have been redeemed if he wanted to. No one could – not even Rumple could save him and it made that arc of the show quite useless.

Kristin: My least favorite character was Belle. I was so troubled by her relationship with Rumple. It was abusive in every way that a relationship can be abusive and she allowed herself to be such a doormat. She excused almost every vile thing he did – not just to others, but to herself as well.

Lison: My least favorite character was Peter Pan I think, because he was evil in every way. Him being Rumple’s father was even worse because I think he thus has a big role in everything that has to do with the curse, indirectly of course.

Sarah: After 7 seasons, there are obviously a lot of characters to choose from, but out of all the main characters my least favorite character was Robin Hood. I just felt that he was an overall bland character who didn’t have any story arc beyond being a love interest and didn’t add anything to the story. Especially considering how long he was on the show, there was just no development and most episodes would’ve played out the same whether or not he’d been there or not.

Patrice: To be honest, it is very difficult to choose just one person for my loathing. If I have to pick just one though it would be Captain Hook/Killian Jones. I like Wish Realm Hook, but actual Hook – no thank you! I just hate his whole demeanor and how he treats people, especially women. It’s like they are nothing but a prize to be won to him. He was meant to die countless number of times and the fact they saved him just irks me to beyond.

Lynsey: I’m with Lison on this one – Peter Pan. Despised him with every fiber of my being. I think most of our villains had some redeeming qualities (well, except maybe Cruella), but Peter Pan was pure evil and wouldn’t change, not even for his son. Some people may dislike Rumple, yeah, he wasn’t the greatest, but at least his choices were done out of some sense of love and loyalty to his family.

4. What was your favorite relationship (platonic or otherwise) in Once Upon A Time?


Kayla: Captain Swan forever. Seeing it develop, the angst that eventually gave way to happiness in the form of marriage and a baby is the ultimate payoff as a shipper. I just loved watching this relationship.

I love the connection Henry shared with his family – and I mean all of them. Emma, Regina, Charming, Snow, and Hook. I loved all these relationships – and so I will just say the connection Henry has with his closest family was without a doubt the central part of the show that this is hands down my favorite non platonic relationship on OUAT.

Kristin: I am a Captain Swan lover forever! But I’ve really tried not to get involved in any kind of ship war. I’m happy to let everyone feel how they want to feel about the relationship that they find most endearing.

Lison: My favorite relationship was the one between Regina and Henry. I loved how it evolved through the show and how he helped her to change and to realize she had the power to change within herself and that love could be strength and not weakness.

And my favorite romantic relationship is between Emma and Regina. I think they bring so much to each other. I like them as best friends but I would prefer them as lovers.

Sarah: Regal Believer holds such a big part of my heart. It was such a central relationship to the show and even though the development didn’t always go quite so smoothly I loved how they always fought for each other. The same goes for Swan Queen. I ship them romantically, but you don’t necessarily have to to see how important they are to each other with the way they are alway supporting and protecting each other. I guess you could say my favorite relationship is the Swan-Mills family.

Patrice: Swan Queen shipper here! I’ve shipped them since day one. They were meant to be with each other. Even when they hated each other’s guts, you could see the tension and desire both Regina and Emma held deep within them. Their story arc came such a long way and its beautiful. These two powerful, badass women went from being enemies to being best friends, from fighting each each other to saving each other, and in some form being lovers. This ship will always be canon to me and nobody will ever take that away!

Lynsey: Unabashed Captain Swan fan here. The Season 6 finale when he is desperate to get back to Emma? Swoon! I melt when he talks to Charming about how he and Emma didn’t have some destined love story. They fought for their love and they won. Gah!

5. What was your favorite thing about the show?


Kayla: This show always had one central component. Hope. Love. Family. Without those, the fabric of the show itself is torn to shreds.

These characters had to often come from the darkest of places and learn to live in the light. Their happiness didn’t have to be a romantic relationship – and often that’s what I loved about it.

There was always hope though. Our heroes always had hope that things would get better – and without that – things won’t.

Kristin: My favorite thing about the show is that it always centered around hope. There was always that element that no matter how bad things got, there was a glimmer of hope that things were going to, somehow, get better. I also appreciated that the “happy endings” weren’t always black and white. It was different for every character and it wasn’t always about a romantic relationship. I also met some really wonderful people when I started participating more in the fandom!

Lison: My favorite thing about the show is the fact that it was really positive. I loved the fact that there weren’t too many characters’ deaths, that there was also a solution to problems and that people were given second chances. The Disney part gave it some positivity too. I am really optimistic and that show was too so I really appreciated it. I also loved how I discovered many things thanks to show such as stan twitter, fan fictions and also to some extent that I was part of the LGBTQ+ community. I enjoyed meeting people with the same addiction to the show as me.

Sarah: The show always stressed the importance of hope and love, of family and friendship, of sticking together in order to be stronger and to overcome any hardships. This overwhelmingly positive red threat has followed show through all seven seasons. No matter what, this is what I’ve always taken away from the show and it’s what always kept me going back to watch season after season for seven years.

Patrice: I want to say my favorite thing about the show is how Adam and Eddy created all these amazing fairy tales that we grew up with and loved since childhood and changed their story and world upside down. We see how evil can turn to good, not all evil is what we believe, enemies can become friends, we fall in love with someone we never expected to, we never give up, we fight and always have hope.

Lynsey: My favorite thing about the show was the sense of family that ran throughout the entire series. I’m a huge fan of family in tv shows. Once Upon a Time was a windfall for me. From the pilot episode to the series finale, we saw how family was important, how Snow and Charming were willing to sacrifice their happiness with their child to save a kingdom. Emma, sacrificing herself to the Dark One, becoming the Dark One, to protect her family and friends. The utter sense of family and home that was there in the final episode when everyone accepted Regina as the Good Queen.

6. What was your least favorite thing about the show?


Kayla: There are a few items I hated about this show – I doubt my list would give room for the rest of the people involved in this roundtable to give their opinions if I stated them all but I have them narrowed to a few choice items.

My top item is the lack of the knowledge of consent on this show. I’ve touched on this above, but when it came up again and again over 7 seasons – it needs to be noted. Rape is rape – and without consent you get rape. Characters ranging from Regina, Zelena, Rumple, Neal, and Gothel all fall into this category – while not all are full on rapists – you can argue that Emma was not fully able to consent at 16 or 17. Just read Lizzie’s article on why I state this. Hello – Eddy and Adam – you let rapists get away and not have consequences for their actions. Often these characters were shady towards their victims after the fact and the victim never said a word.

The reason I never put Hook in there – is while his early comments towards women are wrong by all means – Hook learned and grew and figured out that these comments were not good – thanks to Emma.

My next item is continuity. This show has massive continuity issues and it is a problem for me. I always point out plot holes when I notice them. There’s nothing I love more than a show that can go on for a while – and be tight, concise, and just full of continuity. This one isn’t it. Things can be checked for continuity and written to reflect that. I get time is limited behind the scenes, but I can assure you the viewers do appreciate continuity. When things from a previous season return and are explained – it makes you think and then that hole that was there is now full. It’s nice when it happens OUAT just didn’t get there.

My final item is LGBT representation. I was waiting for this show to go there, because it handled other types of diversity and representation well enough. However, LGBT was lacking. Sure, we got Dorothy and Ruby, but it just went away. Then we got Alice and Robin in season 7, and I feel it was because of the fans begging for this type of representation for so long. While, the relationship was beautiful and lovely to watch – I feel they could’ve pulled off something much bigger and deeper for much longer. It is this type of representation that this show would’ve benefitted from.

Kristin: My least favorite thing about the show was the lack of continuity and the often gaping plot holes. It was a pet peeve of mine that we’d start an underlying storyline and then never quite finish it. Somewhere around Storybrooke there must be a place where all of the forgotten characters congregate, waiting for their stories to be complete. Where did Lily and Will go? We’ll just never know…

Lison: My least favorite thing about the show was its lack of representation. For example, the LGBTQ+ community was not really represented and when there was a same-sex couple, we saw them for one episode. In season 7, we almost didn’t see Alice and Robin, although it was a cute couple, I felt they were there only so that the producers could say “there will be a LGBTQ+ main character in season 7 with a lot of development” (which they did, but that was a big lie in my opinion).

Sarah: I feel the show ended with so much unfulfilled potential and so many missed opportunities. Stories were set up but never followed through and instead we as the audience were left with so many more questions unanswered or even outright plot holes. Over time, it seems like they just lost sight of the actual heart of the show and instead of concentrating on a manageable number of characters and their stories like in season 1 and 2, they overwhelmed us with way too many characters and storylines that a) never went anywhere or b) were entirely forgotten in the end.

Patrice: My least favorite thing about the show was how rushed certain story arcs were and relationships being forced together. Frozen was too rushed and unnecessary, Merida got very little attention, Ruby and Dorothy were rushed, Emma and Hook were forced to be together, the list goes on. The writers eventually gave up and wasted so much potential on a lot of things point blank.

Lynsey: My least favorite thing was how Outlaw Queen ended. While not a huge ship of mine, I loved seeing Regina so happy. It was heartbreaking to see her lose the love of her life. While the scene in the finale was beautiful, it still left me with a sense of sadness for Regina. Yes, she finally was accepted as the Good Queen but the love of her life, both loves, Daniel and Robin were gone.

7. If you could change one thing about Once Upon A Time, what would it be and why?


Kayla: Just the many blips of continuity over the course of the show. While it’s nice to see all these characters come to life, having so many characters becomes an issue. You begin to forget plot lines and characters over time and the result turns into continuity issues.

The show at the heart is about Emma and her journey to happiness with her children, parents, lover, and friends. Those closest to Emma definitely should get background arcs and development – along with Emma herself – but there are many characters I didn’t need info on and could’ve been left in the background. There’s just so little time – and I feel that is where the show failed.

Not all the characters need a fully fleshed out story. Too much and the story becomes too complex and continuity begins to get sacrificed. This is what happened with OUAT.

Kristin: I would have preferred that they ended the show after season 6. The ultimate loss of the bulk of the main cast was a detriment to season 7 and so much of the continuity was lost for me.

Lison: So, I guess I would change what I said above about representation. And well, as a consequence I would really like to make Swan Queen happen because I think it makes so much sense, and with every season and every scene it was always making more and more sense so that seemed logical. However, I am quite satisfied with the series as a whole and how the finale turned out.

Sarah: Going off of question 6, one of the biggest missed opportunities of OUAT was the lack of diverse representation, be it POC or LGBT representation. Almost all of the main characters are white and most POC that do appear on the show are either minor one-episode characters, villains, or end up dead – or all of the above. Properly developed LGBT representation was brushed under the carpet up until pretty much the end of the show. Ruby and Dorothy’s one-episode romance and Alice and Robin’s eventual properly developed relationship pale in contrast to the dozens upon dozens heterosexual romances the show told over seven years.

Patrice: If I could change one thing I would give more attention to the LGBT community and make sure things aren’t rushed or processed so quickly just to throw it in. Ruby and Dorothy were cute, but their relationship wasn’t developed enough to really portray anything hence the one epi of them. Alice and Robyn got more development but in a way it felt a tad rushed considering Robyn wasn’t seen until half of season 7 when she could have been there since the beginning. I love their relationship it’s amazing, and it could have gone on which obviously it did even if we don’t get any more seasons.

Lynsey: The show should’ve ended in Season 6. To me, things were wrapped up very nicely. We were left with a way in that episode to create our own stories about what happened after they defeated evil. However, I do have to say, seeing Regina crowned as the Good Queen (and seeing my ship with their baby) made having a Season 7 much easier to accept.

8. Season 7 of Once Upon A Time introduced new characters, a new curse and a new story. Did you watch Season 7? Did you enjoy it? What was your favorite thing about it? Least favorite?


Kayla: Well – if you followed me on Fangirlish then you know my answer to this question. You read my responses week after week to the episodes as they aired.

I did watch – I have watched OUAT live since season 4 – and was binging it prior to that. After so much time watching, I felt it necessary to watch how this journey ended. I thought them focusing on Henry in season 7 was a rather brilliant idea. I liked seeing his journey into adulthood. Seeing him fall in love and find the happiness that the people around him all talk about. That I loved. There were obvious parts that I loved, and I did enjoy it over all.

Henry’s arc was my favorite and I loved his journey with Cinderella. Seeing everyone get their ‘happy beginnings’ in Storybrooke again with Emma, Hook, Snow, and Charming included was the icing on the cake.

My least favorite was Gothel – closely followed by Victoria Belfrey. I just cringed at their stories and their arcs.

Kristin: I did watch Season 7. I couldn’t see giving up the show after watching since day 1 – I felt like I had to see it through. Honestly, I didn’t really enjoy it. It was so cringey for me and it all felt so contrived. As I mentioned previously, the loss of the main cast was almost intolerable for me. At one point, I told a friend that season 7 was actually making me feel homesick. I missed Storybrooke and the way things were. If I had to choose a favorite thing about the season, it would be grown up Henry, who I actually enjoyed, the interactions with Regina and Zelena and Dr. Facilier. I wish he’d been a villain in earlier seasons. My least favorite thing has to be the relationship between Henry and Jacinda. Wow, was that painful. It was so forced and uncomfortable. We were forced to accept them as a “true love” relationship and it just never got there for me. I could probably go on about what I didn’t like for days, but Henry and Jacinda was #1.

Lison: I did watch and enjoy season 7. My favorite thing was to see Regina as Roni, I loved her clothes, her style, her attitude, even though I missed Regina Mills. I also liked Lucy part in this and the parallel with season 1 at the beginning. Also I think that Andrew West was perfect in playing older Henry, I felt like it was Jared still playing, that was a great feeling. My least favorite thing was the absence of the former cast, even though the new one was really good. I missed Emma, Snow, David, and Storybrooke. But I was really glad to see them at the end.

Sarah: I did watch season 7 although I have to admit I was a bit skeptical of the new setting and the new characters initially. However I ended up being pleasantly surprised. It felt a bit like watching a different show at times and yet it was still very much rooted in the OUAT universe. The second half of the season was when I was won over for good and when I fell in love with many of the new characters; they brought in a breath of fresh air that had been much needed although I did find myself missing the old familiar characters and settings (particularly Storybrooke) quite a lot at times.

Lynsey: I spent an entire summer agonizing over whether they would ruin my Captain Swan or keep them as happy as we saw them in the Season 6 finale. With that, I only watched a total of 2 episodes of Season 7; the 2 episodes with my Captain Swan. The 2nd episode with Killian and Emma to make sure that my ship was safe and the series finale with Baby Hope. So, my favorite part of Season 7? The appearance of Emma, Killian and Hope. 🙂

9. What was your Season 7 ship? Did any of the new couples speak to you?


Kayla: Well – we also know this one. I loved Henry and Cinderella – Glass Believer. I loved the spark. It spoke to me and I loved the journey they went on. I also loved Robin and Alice. They were so cute and I definitely wanted to see more of them. Also, my Captain Swan with Baby Hope – seeing that made the pay off worth everything.

Kristin: Strangely, I didn’t hate Henry and Ivy. I would have been OK if they had actually been a couple. The relationship between Regina and Dr. Facilier was kind of fun for me too.

Lison: Well I guess my ship would have to be Alice and Robin (Tilly and Margot) as they were really cute, but we did not get to see them much. I would also say that my ship stayed Swan Queen all along and the finale helped. Otherwise, I kinda liked the other couples. The relationship between Regina/Facilier was okay but I didn’t understand where it came from so it was difficult for me to understand why Regina would be with him.

Sarah: I loved Henry/Jacinda as well as Robin/Alice, they were both incredibly cute ships and I only wish we could’ve seen more of them.

10. What’s the one message the show has left you with?


Kayla: That love and hope always win. That without these items, life is bleak. That everyone needs love. If you keep hope and faith in your heart, without a doubt love will find its way too.

Kristin: I’ve always been one who believed that one of the best parts about being a child is the belief that magic still exists. For one hour every week, I could suspend my reality and believe in magic again. That will always really stick with me. Maybe magic doesn’t always come with a price.

Lison: The show has left me with the message that everyone can get better, everything can get better and that we have to have faith, in ourselves but also in the people that surround us. We have to let them help us and open ourselves to others. It showed me the importance of friendship and family. And the quote that represents the whole message would be “Happy endings aren’t always what we think they will be.”

Sarah: The show has left me with a deep belief that hope can be a powerful source of life and that it can lead to change if you persevere. It has also left me with a newly restored love for fairytales in all their forms and interpretations and the absolute knowledge that they are out there for me to read and make my own. And maybe most importantly, the show has shown me that there are people out there who think just like me with whom I can share my thoughts and my passions and my life.

Lynsey: Hope. I think that says it all. The entire show was about family, faith and hope. I think it is a wonderful message that the product of true love gave birth to a baby daughter, whom she named Hope. Seven years ago, when we first met Emma, that was one of the things she didn’t have in her life. Now, it is all around her. It’s such a wonderful feeling. I will always look fondly upon Once Upon A Time and it will forever be one of my favorite shows.

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