‘Once Upon A Time’ To Have A Few More Recognizable Faces Coming Before Show Ends

TV Line has just reported that a few more faces we know and love will be returning near the end of Once Upon A Time‘s final season. We already know Jared Gilmore & Beverley Elliot will be returning in episode 20’s flashbacks, but there’s MORE!

The first person everyone is asking for is Jennifer Morrison, but nothing has been confirmed for her yet, sadly. When or if we get news about Jennifer – we will pass it along. Until then, however, there are other familiar faces returning to the show.

People who will be returning:

  1. Sean Maguire (Robin Hood) – Will we get some version of him with Regina again?
  2. Victoria Smurfit (Cruella de Vil) – Interesting choice of villain to bring back.
  3. JoAnna Garcia-Swisher (Ariel) – I’m interested to see this choice.
  4. Robbie Kay (Peter Pan) – Another interesting villain to bring back.
  5. Lee Arenberg (Grumpy) – Yay! I’ve missed him!
  6. Keegan Tracy (Mother Superior) – I’ve missed her too!
  7. Tony Amendola (Geppeto) – Interested to see how they do this.

The linked article notes they will appear in the series finale – episode 21, entitled “Leaving Storybrooke”. Is this a clue as to where they will leave the show?

The only characters that seem missing are Emma, Charming, and Snow – maybe a few more of the dwarves.  I’d love to see Josh and Ginny show up one more time before the show finishes.

If anymore news comes – we PROMISE to pass the word on to you.

Who else do you think should appear in the series finale? Who would yo like to see again? Let us know!

Once Upon A Time airs on Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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