‘Once Upon a Time’: What we know so far about Season 5

While we’re three months away from Once Upon a Time’s season 5 premiere, and still days away from our first real batch of information in the form of the Comic-Con panel, it’s not too early to start talking season 5. In fact, we think it’s just the right time.

There was plenty of heartbreak in the finale, as well as a cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers, and though we don’t know much about what’s coming next, we have some ideas about what places we’ll be visiting next season, and what character’s we’ll meet once we’re there.

Here is everything we know about season 5 of Once Upon a Time so far, including The Dark Swan, Camelot and new addition to Regina’s family.

[lead]The Dark Swan is coming![/lead]

We already had our first glimpse of Emma as the Dark One, and she looks scarier than we expected! We still don’t know much about what being the dark one will mean for Emma, but one thing seems certain: The Emma we know and love is gone, at least for the time being. It’s time for the Dark Swan!

[lead]Not all dark ones are created equally[/lead]

According to the show runners, how a Dark One manifests depends on the person. So we really don’t know what powers Emma will now possess or how she’ll use them. What we do know is that the most likely targets are those people she loves. So, all in all, it’s probably best to be Rumplestiltskin than Snow White at this point in the game.

[lead]Zelena will have her baby[/lead]

For all of you who were hoping that Zelena’s baby was just a bad dream, or something that wasn’t going to play a big part in next season’s story-line, think again. Zelena might be locked up for now, but she is here to stay, and so is her baby! Talk about dysfunctional families.

[lead]We’re going to Camelot[/lead]

Or, at least, the main players in the Camelot saga that we know and love are coming to us. And that probably means we’ll get a chance to see the story play out, Once Upon a Time style, even if it’s only through flashbacks. Would a happy ending be too much to ask for this time?

[lead]We’ll meet not only Merlin, but also King Arthur and Guinevere. And Lancelot is back![/lead]

We know Lancelot was disgraced from the Round Table for the love of a woman, and now we’ll get to meet the likely woman – Guinevere, as well as the other man in the love triangle, King Arthur. Our King Arthur has already been cast, but we still don’t know anything about Guinevere or Merlin, the most important of the newcomers.

[lead]We’re going to meet Rumplestiltskin’s mother[/lead]

Rumplestiltskin’s mother is coming to Once Upon a Time, and we still don’t know who’s playing her. Though we assume the character will only appear in one or two episodes, at most, it’ll be interesting to see the woman whose untimely death left Rumple alone to make all the wrong choices.

[lead]Will Scarlett won’t be around much[/lead]

Oh, Will. We hardly knew ye! Though Michael Socha was made a series regular for season four, we barely got to see him try to romance Belle, and now, he’s leaving us. Though Will may pop in from time to time, the actor is not a series regular for Season 5, and considering that he was one for Season 4 and we barely saw him, we might as well get used to going to going back to Once Upon a Time in Wonderland for our Will fix.

[lead]Lily’s father will be revealed, just not early in the season.[/lead]

And, yes, the mystery of Lily’s father will be revealed, the show-runners tell us. Just not early in the new season. There’s the whole Dark Swan thing to delve into first, but his identity was teased last season, and we won’t be left hanging on that front. We just need to be patient.

Once Upon a Time returns to ABC on Sunday September 27th.

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