#OnceUponATime Panel: “The Broken Kingdom”

Another week, another panel, Oncers! I’m having so much fun with the diverse opinions I’m getting. They truly are a highlight of my week. So, if you’re interested in being a part of one of these, hit me up on Twitter or leave a comment here, and maybe next week we’ll be reading your opinions!

Joining me this week are Manu (@FordMiss), Karen (@KDKJB) and Kitty (@kisskitti99)  as we take on Arthur and his evilness, a long awaited Snow/Charming push to save Emma and yes, all the Captain Swan you’ve ever wanted.

Do you really think Arthur is doing this for Camelot or is he just evil?

Manu: In my opinion Arthur is a very ambitious guy who had a hard childhood and wanted to mean something to others. To be important. That drive to be the “chosen one” has motivated his character through his journey. To be the one who defeats the darkness and unites a broken kingdom. Once again a character is put in the position to choose between power and love. Arthur kept choosing power over his lovely Guinevere.

Is he evil? Well the difference between a villain and a hero in this story is how people choose their path to get what they want and certainly Arthur hasn’t chosen the noble one, manipulating not only his wife, but his entire kingdom. So he is doing this for Camelot but before that he is doing it for himself.

Karen: I think he started out doing it for Camelot and himself. But not for evil reasons. Unfortunately, his obsession has gained full control and he can’t see anything else and it has skewed his judgment in more ways than one. He wants to be king and enjoys being king. He seems to be determined to prove everyone wrong who said he couldn’t be king. Much like Rumple’s need for the DO power, he doesn’t know how to function without this power and can’t give it up. Even for the woman he loves, so he manipulates her and uses magic to force her to stay with him. Far from a healthy relationship or person for that matter.

Kitty: Well, I know that he loves his kingdom and wants to do the best he can, but seeing him in this episode was so different. I mean, when he talked with his wife he really looked crazy and “evil”. I think he’s on the wrong path, and I think what he did to her and to the Charmings was an evil thing for sure.

Give us your mid-season prediction for Captain Swan.

Manu: FEELS! LOTS OF THEM! I have to say tho that I had doubts during the hiatus that the writers would choose to follow logic and keep Killian in a central, proactive spot in this arc. Looking at how they are developing the story so far I can’t deny that pessimism left me during the first episode. I saw once on tumblr, a post about how the last quote/scene of the season was always a prelude for what was to come. For 4B it was Emma saying Ï love you” to Killian, actually besides becoming the Dark One, an important part of season 4 finale was in fact Emma coming to realize she couldn’t hold her feelings anymore and how important and part of her happiness Killian was/is.

That said we had already 2 TLK attempts failing, that could go both ways: foreseeing a third and successful attempt or writing off completely this option but making clear both of them thought it was a valid option. I think Killian’s heart will also play out somehow. Many speculate he is with half of his heart right now. I still have doubts they would do the same thing they did to Snowing and also Emma’s darkness is inside her heart, so it would be shared with him? That could explain Emma’s casting her curse but I’m still intrigued about why Lancelot or Merlin aren’t in Storybrooke right now, maybe they are related to the curse itself. So my prediction would be that Killian’s love for her will be the key, maybe giving her motivation to turn back from the darkness, giving up power over love, something the previous Dark One or Arthur didn’t do, an important part of this arc. I can see TLK bringing Emma or Hook back to life after sacrificing him/herself for love.

Karen: Trying not to get my hopes up, of course, but with 3 failed TLKs in the mix and so much foreshadowing, I see their love being the ultimate weapon and a very real possibility as to what will finally help Emma defeat the darkness. It’s her choice to defeat the DO curse and I think together with Killian & their love for each other, she will ultimately save herself and everyone else, to be honest, by choosing love and True Love Kissing it out as Rumple said. 🙂

Kitty: I think their relationship will be tested. I think there will be a lot of cruel moments from Emma as the Dark One and it won’t be good for Hook, and there will be some cute moments too….but I hope that by the end of the 5A they will solve everything and have a happy “mid-season finale”

If Killian Jones had to give Henry “The Talk” what do you think he’d say?

Manu:  First of all, I NEED THIS! lol Well, Killian is such a sentimental guy, I think he would be really moved by Henry looking to him in such an important situation. Obviously Killian wouldn’t let the opportunity to tease Henry about it go by, but I think he would also keep the conversation very serious. He would say to Henry to be a gentleman and take his time, to make her feel safe and sure about it. I would love to see this scene; Killian is Henry’s father figure now he lost Neal. Robin doesn’t seem that close to Henry and Hook and Henry already shared a couple on and off screen adventures where they probably bonded a lot. You can see Henry does trust Hook! So it would probably be a natural thing for him to search for his opinion about this.

Karen: Hmm, he did seem rather happy about that. 🙂 I think he’d be honest with him about any questions he might have and not be embarrassed to talk to him about it, nor would he think he’s too young. He’d probably remind him how to treat a lady that you care about with love, kindness and respect. He’s big on everything being Emma’s choice and he’d pass that trait on to Henry.

Kitty: I think he would have good tips on, like, how he could impress a girl and maybe that would be little embarrassing for Henry but I hope we see some scenes between them, like a “father” and “son” conversation.

Henry’s romance: Happy ending or destined to fail?

Manu: Ugh, first loves can be tricky, usually we just go for it, body and soul and sometimes we get our hearts broken. In this particular time on the story, Emma is looking for ways to have both of her boys next to her, even though she would use them to move on with her plan, whatever that is. So that factor can be something that could change the fate of Henry’s first crush. Maybe that’s a way Emma can use her son’s trust and love for her to get something she wants. I feel like, trying to do so, Violet might get in her way.

Maybe after all this is over they can have a shot. But right now this truly looks like a story-line made to break ours and Henry’s heart. We have to remember that Dark Swan needs motivation to come back from this state, from choosing power. Like Rumple she must have thought she could have it all. When she sees herself alone once more in her life she might start reconsidering her priorities because that who Emma is.

Karen: Unfortunately, I see it as destined to fail. Perhaps based on future spoilers and common sense. But also because it’s all part of growing up. First love isn’t usually true love and heart break sometimes is what actually helps us to grow, sad as that sounds. We also know very little of Violet so it makes things a bit suspicious at least, to me.

Kiss: I think they will have a lot of cute scenes but I imagine it will fail and our heart will be broken when Violet has to go back to Camelot.

Describe your reactions to Charming in this episode.

Manu:  Nooo no nooo, what are you doing?, uugghhhhhhhh, ugh ugh, nooo!!! wuuut!!, YESSSSSSSSS, oh oh! lol this was literally me watching Charming during this episode.

I was extremely annoyed by Arthur’s shadiness, so watching Charming seemly following into his trap was a bit disturbing! I love how the writers kept that plot twist perfectly hidden during the whole episode, that you actually were mad at Charming at some point. I saw some really angry people live tweeting last Sunday. I was not pleased how they were paralleling SnowingxLancelot and GuinexArthurXLancelot, the two ladies going behind their husbands’ back with the dashing knight. When Charming then appears after Arthur’s frustrated attempt to summon Emma happened, I cheered! I loved the realness feeling Snowing gave us in that episode, real life couple, just like us. Everything was perfect until they got enchanted and twisted to help Arthur. Although in my opinion not Regina or Robin are buying this sudden change of mind of the heroes!

Karen: At first, I was very annoyed and for perhaps the first time, I liked Snow as the better parent. I realized later I owed him a bit of an apology. I’m glad he saw reason & he and Snow thought of their daughter first finally. I thought that this was how he “failed” Emma. And in a way it is, but not necessarily his fault. I never thought anyone did anything on purpose, but of course, magic always gets in the way.

Kitty: I had a lot of reactions. When I saw him tell Arthur everything I was like ‘What’s wrong with you David? Are you an idiot?’ but then when Snow and Charming tricked Arthur I was like ‘Okay you’re a genius’ so I think sometimes they have the wrong idea but if they work together they can make things work in the end.

This episode focused mostly on Captain Swan, Snowing and the Camelot trio of Arthur, Guinevere and Lancelot. Is there someone you missed?

Manu:  I loved this episode so much. The story went very naturally and easy to follow. Everything made sense and time was well distributed by the characters for the specific theme of this episode. To be quiet honest I wouldn’t change it, or add anything!

Karen: I know I should say yes, but no, I didn’t. Admittedly, Captain Swan is my favorite, but I don’t mind seeing others if it is actually useful to the story and moves things along. In fact, I do enjoy having others added in when it’s fun or useful. But at the same time, I don’t need to see the umpteenth flashback of someone doing the same thing over and over again. So while much of this episode was on guest characters, it did parallel the Captain Swan relationship and showed how strong their love is versus Arthur/Guinevere. Together both are stronger, yet Arthur is unable to let go of his demons, if you will, but Emma is. Even if only for a short time.

Kitty: Yes, I really missed the Regina scenes and the Outlaw Queen scenes. I really loved this episode, but it would only be perfect if we could see more of Regina and Robin.

Agree? Disagree? Have your own answers to these questions? Sound off in the comments below!

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