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One Direction: Past, Present & Future

One Direction: Past, Present & Future

July 23, 2010, One Direction was formed.

Something along the lines of ‘on the 7th day he created’, Simon Cowell (not to be confused with God) brought together five hopeful solo artists on UKs popular talent show X Factor, and formed what would become the biggest band in the world. The likes of which had never been seen before them, 1D rose to international stardom with the help of ravenous fans and the power of social media. Showing that a tweet really can go a long way, fans of the show cultivated fans around the world to join the bandwagon (no pun intended), and soon, 1D was unmatched in popularity as they reached #1 on the charts, started their first tour, and won award after award.

That was then. Now, after just over 5 years, 4 tours, 5 albums and endless cities, the lads decided to take a nice long hiatus…of which it is still undetermined if they will return.

So, since the future of 1D is unknown at this time, in celebration of their 6 year anniversary, I am going to break down each boy with their past, present and…my alternate universe concept for their future!

*the AU futures are all tongue and cheek, meant for humor…nothing is meant to be serious, or in any way indicative of what they may do later*

Lets start with the Styles, shall we?



Past: Harry Edward Styles, born February 1, 1994. With his curly brown hair, sea green eyes and dimpled smile, it seemed like Styles was born to be a pop star. Good thing the lad has the voice to back it up. As it is well known, Harry worked in a bakery as an early teen, and credits the Beatles and Elvis as inspirations.

On April 11, 2010, Styles auditioned for the X Factor singing Isn’t She Lovely by Stevie Wonder. After failing to qualify in the solo boys category, he was brought together into the band.

Present: At the moment, Styles is filming his first major movie roll in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, a WWII biopic about the British army escape. After cutting his previously long locks and causing the fandom to buckle at the knees, Styles is still enticing us with his new short hair and, if praise from Oscar Winner Mark Rylance is any indication, top notch acting skills. 2017 will find Styles on our big screens.

Future: After a long and successful career as an actor, which sees him winning an Oscar for his role in the epic sci-fi remake of Gone with the Wind as Rhett Butler, and then moving on to the Broadway stage in an all male production of Annie, Styles turns his attention to his second love: organic food! Following in the footsteps of mentor and idol Paul Newman, Styles now owns Stylistic, offering a variety of kale and fruit based products, as well as gourmet guacamole.

niall 9.20.25 PM


Past: Niall James Horan, born September 13, 1993 in Mullingar Ireland. The only non British member of 1D, the singer, songwriter, guitarist is known as the fun loving, happy one. Teaching himself how to play guitar from watching YouTube videos played in Horan’s favor for his future in show biz, after a childhood of catholic school and small local performances.

In 2010, singing So Sick, Niall auditioned for X Factor, and with the decision making vote in his favor by crush Katy Perry, he found himself at boot camp. But, he failed to make it through in the boys category, finding himself along with Styles in the group.

Present: After dropping off the map for the first several months of the 1D hiatus, traveling the world as a tourist rather than a job, Horan has now turned his sights to other ventures. Partnering in a Golf Management firm along side MODEST! big wigs, as well as charity events, and attending music festivals, Horan seems to be enjoying his time from the limelight, and taking a breather.

Future: Using is connections to some of the best and brightest in the golf industry, Horan takes their lessons to heart, turning his attention from the stage, to the green. After years of practice and training, he finds himself at the top of the world’s stage, later going on to the win the Masters, and the coveted Green jacket.

He then moves on to open up a chain of restaurants to challenge his love and now rival, Nandos, for best chicken recipe. His niche? Not peri peri sauce, but tikki tikki tembo.



Past: Liam James Payne was born August 29, 1993 to Karen and Geoff Payne. The youngest of 3, and the only boy, Liam enjoyed a normal childhood. Bullying in school turned Payne to sports, which included track, boxing, and more, before turning to music at the age of 12.

Auditioning for X Factor twice, the first time at the age of 14 Liam didn’t make the cut. He wasn’t deterred, however, and returned 2 years later in 2010, singing Michael Buble’s Cry Me A River. To this, he received a unanimous vote of yes, and made it to the boot camp. However, like his future band mates, he didn’t make the next round, before finding himself in the band.

Present: A little bit of this, a little bit of that seems to be Payno’s hiatus motto. Denying any true solo work, snip its have surfaced of what could be Liam on his own in the studio. Featured on a track with Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J, he denied it was a single, but rumors still circulate. For now, Liam seems to be focusing on his love life, with girlfriend Cheryl FV.

Future: After a year of dating, Liam and Cheryl tie the knot in a lavish ceremony on and island off the coast of Greece. Not long after, they welcome their first child, a son, named LJ, and later a daughter, Isabella. Cheryl then returns to the limelight, working on solo albums, and then the London stage to moderate success, while Liam finds his new love as a stay at home dad, and soon…cook book author!



Past: Louis William Tomlinson is the oldest member of One Direction, born December 24, 1992. His last name is taken from his step father, Mark, before he and his mother divorced. Tomlinson admits to not really applying himself in school, but that he enjoyed spending time with his friends, and the musical productions he took part in, which included playing Danny Zuko in Grease. It was this role that motivated him to try out for X Factor.

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Like his comrades, Tomlinson auditioned in 2010 for the X Factor, and made it through to boot camp, but then failing to advance. This small defeat would be the catalyst to the best opportunity of his life.

Present: Undoubtedly the most watched for his personal life in recent months, Tomlinson is navigating his role as new father. Freddie Reign Tomlinson was born January 21, 2016, to Tomlinson and ex Briana Jungwirth, and is the spitting image of his dear ol’ dad.

Future: Still the master of multitasking, Tomlinson makes a name for himself in the music management world. Becoming the Clive Davis of his generation, Louis launches the careers of some of music’s greatest new stars, before turning over his company to oldest son, Freddie, to move his attention to his start up: a new line of novelty soccer balls that hover, much like the golden snitch in Harry Potter….if you can catch it, you can score…



Past: Zain Javaad Malik was born January 12, 1993, and is more commonly known as Zayn. The only boy, with 3 sisters, Malik was low key until he took up singing as a teen. He began writing raps, and found a calling in his small town of Bradford.

At the age of 17, Zayn auditioned for X Factor, singing Mario’s Let Me Love You. He advanced, stating he wanted to ‘gain experience’. He later failed to move on to the next round, in turn being added to the group.

March 25, 2015 would then become Zayn’s end in One Direction. Citing stress and the desire for a normal life, Malik left the band in the early stages of their On The Road Again tour. March 18, 2015 would be Malik’s final performance with the band.

But, it was not the end to his music career, for 1 year later, March 25, 2016, he would release his solo effort, Mind of Mine, debuting at #1 in multiple countries.

Present: still working on his solo efforts Malik is writing, singing, and making appearances. However, these appearances tend to be hit and miss, again as he cites anxiety as a deterrent and constant challenge for him.

Future: Despite solo success, Malik’s love of being part of a musical team never truly died. He went on to form a new boy band, My Direction, who then went on to moderate success internationally, with several chart topping hits, and later a line of life sized pillow dolls that spoke, inspired by his solo debut hit, Pillow Talks.

As a group, One Direction would later rejoin in a reunion that brought them the same success they saw in their early days, resulting in multiple tours, albums, and comparisons to the Rolling Stones for success and longevity.


**special and endless thanks to @styles_orama, @bookstylist, @stylessmiles18, @rosaliecullen, @dirtyyarn and @hes_the_1 for all their help in preparing this fun and silly article**

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