‘One Direction’ Performs ‘Ready to Run’ on #SNL & Liam Seems To Have Elvis Type Moves

One can only speculate what One Direction’s next single is – but fans are guessing that it maybe ‘Ready to Run‘ after they performed the song last night on Saturday Night Live.

The lads were in fine form – as they showed us all that they can dance when they made a guest appearance on The Girlfriends Talk Show. Props to Harry for still insisting that his Amish hat goes with the retro track suit, (FYI it doesn’t, and please inform us if we need to have a petition to bring back the man bun.) and also to Niall for trying to show the few hairs that have popped up on his beautiful Irish chest.

They of course performed their current single, Night Changes – which is still one of our favorite 1D songs ever. FYI – totally bad song to be listening to during a breakup – cause you will cry and be all like “You lie bastard, shiz will not stay the same.”

But I digress, here they are in all their glory-

And then here’s ready to run. Pay extra special attention to Liam, who at points looks as though Elvis is possessing him and he’s over run with love and appreciation for running.

If this is their next single, we need to have a talk before they shoot a music video, because, well – fear is always that the dude that puts together their story boards will fudge this video up to and what we’ll be left with is an eye sore in a desert.

Did you enjoy One Direction on Saturday Night Live? What was your favorite part?

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