One Direction Puts “Taking A Break” Rumors To Rest

There has been a lot of speculation around One Direction and if they will stay together. Every thing that the boys do is over analyzed, over thought and the world keeps wondering what shoe will drop next. Rumors have been rampant that 2016 will be the year that One Direction takes a break and we are left wondering if they will ever find their way back to eachother.

All the One Direction rumors are like an emotional roller coaster – don’t know about you all but sometimes we feel like it’s mood swings and worse than cramps.

Talking to the Daily Star Online, Liam said: “No, we are not taking a break after this album. We don’t know where it has come from – we’ve got loads of stuff going on. We have just finished writing the album. We have literally just started the process of recording it. There is a whole new tour going on. There is some really great songs so I don’t think we will be going anywhere.”

Looks like Harry let Liam borrow his hat.

Thank you for putting the rumors to rest Liam Payne. We didn’t know how much more we could take. Our hearts hurt, but at the same point we would have understood, because you guys have been working harder than anyone.

Louis talked about the rumors that he would be taking a break to judge X-Factor, “I’ve got a tour to do so I won’t be doing X Factor, unfortunately not. When it comes to next year I don’t even know. I’m not here to judge, just perform.”

We’ll take it Louis! Perform away! We can’t wait to see what you all do next.

Fans at the groups first show in the UK were not pleased when Zayn Malik’s face appeared on the screen.

That a whole lot of boo’s.


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