One Direction: Styles at Sea


Rumors of Harry Styles debut acting gig have been floating around for a few weeks now. With several media outlets stating that Mr Styles has been handed a LEAD roll in the upcoming WWII biopic Dunkirk, it is safe to say that it is a strong possibility we will see our lovely Styles on the big screen soon enough!

Christopher Nolan’s film is officially in the works, with Tom Hardy and Mark Rylance on the roster, and it is said that Harry will be spending some time on an old Navy ship to get his mind in the right place for the role. Along with the crew, they will take up residence on the ship with no electricity, no WIFI, and no mobile service! Sounds horrific to us, but….

What’s more, is that the cast is being made to survive on WWII food rations! Eep! The hope is to give everyone a realistic experience of what was faced by soldiers in Dunkirk in 1940. The ship will be docked in a secret location for the duration of filming, but preparations are scheduled to begin soon.

With such an impressive cast, and talented director, we have no doubt the movie will be incredible. And with Harry Styles as a lead, it is possible that a whole new fan base will experience the film thanks to his draw!

Well, good on ya, Hazz. I will stay here with my laptop, WIFI and microwave popcorn.

All the love x

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