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One Direction thanks FANS for 6 years…

One Direction thanks FANS for 6 years…

As most within the 1D fandom probably know, July 23 is their 6 year anniversary of being a band. On this date in 2010, Simon Cowell changed the lives of 5 hopeful solo artists, bringing them together in a band…what would soon become the biggest band in the world.

Every year on July 23, the fandom and band members alike celebrate their coming together with a series of tweets, campaigns and the like to show love, support and appreciation for the journey that followed that 2010 union. Of course, each year has its own hashtag, sometimes charity drives…anything to show our love and support.

Well, as usual, the boys have responded. And as we thank them for 6 years of music, laughs, and live changing inspiration, they have in turned thanked US, the FANS, for changing their lives.


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At the time this is going online, Liam Payne had yet to tweet in reference to the occasion.  Don’t despair, I am sure he will before the days end! And Louis took to the One Direction twitter account to even leave a little video message which seemed to set the fans a twitter (no pun intended…well, maybe a little).

Of course, with the references of Niall and Louis eluding to the ‘not done yet’, the fandom is in anticipation that this hiatus really is just a short term break, as opposed to an ending. The speculation has continued despite the members assuring the fans that they will in fact be back. Time will tell, but until then…

To the 1D lads:

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Thank you for the lyrics that soothe us, the laughs that bring us joy, your hearts that inspire us, and everything in between. I am sure I speak for countless fans when I say you have changed our lives for the better; because of you, I have met some of the best friends I could ever have asked for. Because of you, I have traveled, toured and had experiences I can never compare to anything else. And because of you, I have found inspiration for so many things…writing, art and creativity I had long ago thought I lost.

So, on behalf of the fandom as a whole, I thank you all…and I cant wait to keep it going for many years to come!

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