One Direction Who?


It is almost impossible to understand how anyone has not heard of One Direction. Whether you are a fan, a hater, or just somewhere in between, you know of Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson. They have been a household name for more than five years, and despite their recent hiatus, their popularity remains high.

But, it would seem that we have found possibly the only person on earth who has not heard of the lovely Brit band. And he comes in the form of a 55 year old judge, currently ruling over a court case involving fake 1D merch!

“Don’t be surprised to heard I’ve not heard of them,” he announced. “I am more of a Bach man myself.”

The judge admitted he had no idea who the band was, and had to be brought up to speed by one of the barristers in the case.

“They are absolutely huge,” he informed the judge.

The case, which is charging three individuals in the selling of counterfeit One Direction merchandise over eBay, worth approximately 150,000GBP, has finished, finding all three guilty.

In all fairness, the judge was not even aware of what a ‘onesie’ was, so I guess we might be able to let the 1D thing slide….just this once.

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