Opinion: A Man Went to the Female-Only Screening of Wonder Woman and…Why?

When it comes to places where women want to go without men, a female-only screening of Wonder Woman is definitely one of them, but some just don’t care.

Well, so the female-only screening of Wonder Woman wasn’t so. A man (one of the loudest humans on the internet, who kept going on and on about how he bought a ticket even though the theater specifically stated that this was special event for women) went.

Now here’s the thing: I love men. I talk about Chris Pine daily and I’m attracted to them. This is in no way shaming men and/or screaming at them. But I think this man missed the whole point and that’s disrespectful.

Growing up, my brother thought he was going to get a little brother. When I was born, his plan to teach his little sibling about superheroes and Star Wars and Star Trek was not hindered by my gender.

I knew all the origin stories and I had my favorites that were different from my brother’s. But we just enjoyed going to all these comic book movies together. It wasn’t until I was older that I started to experience the “oh so you went because of a man” line of questioning.

When I went to the midnight premiere of The Avengers and had a guy quizzing me, that was when I realized that men don’t believe women can enjoy a good superhero story. So when I went to the female-only screening of Wonder Woman, for the first time in my life I didn’t experience that.

I didn’t have a man going “Are you just here because she’s a woman?” or “You just like Chris Pine.” I didn’t have anyone questioning my intentions. For once, I didn’t have to sit there and explain everything I knew about Diana Prince prior to seeing the movie.

And it was freeing. Now this is something most men will never experience. They never get questioned about their love of something. Once I had a guy say “Oh I just saw Star Wars for the first time at 26 and no guy questioned my knowledge. They just said cool and accepted that I liked it.” I responded with a “that must be nice” because every girl knows the struggle of “oh, you like Star Wars? List the movies in order and then in machete order.”

So what this man’s insistence comes down to is that he felt insecure. For once, there was proof that women were fans of something simply because we enjoyed it. We were getting what men have always gotten and it was seen as a threat.

To be honest, I hope someone looked at him and questioned his love of comic book things. I want him to experience the anger and embarrassment I’ve endured for being a nerd. Once, I wore a shirt from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, which happens to be my favorite film in the franchise. The amount of men who came up to me questioning me about Indiana Jones was astounding.

Finally, a friend of mine said “Out of all the girls you can question about Harrison Ford movies, she’s not the one I would take on, dude.” You know why they listened? He was a man. It didn’t matter that I answered their questions with ease or explained my love of Harrison Ford to them. I was still a girl who had to be shown these things by a man.

So to the lovely man who decided to crash an event not made for him just for an article or whatever he’s going to do with it: I hope you’re happy. I hope you’re excited to be that guy for the rest of your days. When we look back on Wonder Woman and the women-only screenings, someone will bring you up and there will be a sour taste in our mouths.

Because you ruined such a special experience by your very presence being there. Whoever was beside you couldn’t have the freeing moment I got in my own theater. And that’s what is sad about this whole thing. Not that you were a douchebag or that you forced yourself into somewhere you didn’t below, but that someone else didn’t get the experience they wanted because of you.

Wonder Woman is in theaters now. Go enjoy this beautiful origin story of the hero we’ve waited years to see. Diana Prince deserves it.


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