The Originals: Don’t Look at the Blue Light!


We’re back talking about last weeks episode of The Originals.

Klaus, Elijah and Hayley are back in New Orleans (with Marcel’s permission)  to have Vincent purify Hope. As you may recall, she was one of the children tied to the dark magic taking the children of New Orleans. Which, if we’re getting frank, we want to know how they got Hopes brush.

But we regress.

Vincent is doing his best to purify her, to rid her of the connection to the evil that he and his wife had brought to New Orleans previously, only to have her still be affected by the dark magic. They thought that Hope was okay, but while walking towards her dad a ring of dead crows fall around Hope and she hears whispers that Vincent translates to “The Hollow is coming.”

We don’t know who “The Hollow” is, but we’re positive we hate it. Creeps us out.

Haley, Klaus and Elijah know that something has to be done. Klaus wants to go out and kick some ass, but Haley reminds him that the best thing that he can do is be there for Hope. You can tell he’s not used to it when he asks what he’s supposed to do, and Haley has to explain that he’s supposed to, “take care of our daughter.”

I guess you can’t take the kick ass vampire mentality out of the man.

Klaus watches over Hope, who is falling sick from the dark magic, while Hayley and Elijah search for a way to save her. Every moment between them is precious, one the tugs at your heart strings and makes you swoon. We stand by saying that Hope is Klaus’ redemption and we can’t wait to see how that progresses over the season.

Elijah seeks out Vincent who throws Davina in his face only to have Elijah state that he will do and kill anyone to ensure the safety of his niece. Marcel approaches the witches for help to find out more about the people who are taking children only to find that the wolves may be involved.

With Vincent unable to save Hope, the Mikaelson’s do what they know best. Call in the most powerful witch that they know – their sister Freya. Gone are the days when Freya first arrived and Klaus didn’t trust her. Because he’s willing to leave with her the thing most precious in the world to him, his daughter.

That’s one thing that you have to admire about the Mikaelson’s – family is everything.

Freya and her werewolf prisoner decide to use the opportunity of being back in New Orleans to stock up on Marcel’s venom and to find something they can use in order to reverse his current state or kill him.. Hell, with the venom maybe they will make a cure.

Vincent uses magic to try and find those who are connected to the magic and explain just how dangerous this magic is to Elijah. I don’t think that it’s not that Elijah doesn’t get it – cause hey – his Mom was a witch and his sister challenges magic on the regular.

Everyone is shocked to discover that Will is connected and delivered the children to the Hollow. We were sad – we liked Will and now we’re forced to hate him. You don’t screw with kids Will. That’s messed up.

Hayley and Marcel find a girl that is known to follow The Hollow and receive some answers that they really didn’t want to hear. She claims that they cannot save the children that they will die in order for the light to raise and they will have the power to take back the city. Yup, this is all Marcel’s fault – cause of the way he’s running New Orleans. This is the way that they are fighting back. Who said being a king is easy?

Marcel though doesn’t let anyone screw with kids and that is a great redeeming quality about him.

Hope is in bed with Klaus sitting by her side. She tells him that she thinks “The Hollow” is coming for her too only to have him tell her that he will make sure that no one will hurt is little girl, that he will protect her, ALWAYS AND FOREVER! We aren’t crying, you are.

The scene where Klaus speaks to his daughter while she sleeps telling her that she is strong and has the heart of a Mikaelson,  we die. Klaus and Hope’s scenes are amazing. Honestly, I wanna send them to my Dad and be all, “Is this how you were? If not take lessons.”

When she wakes she tells Klaus she saw the other children and asks him to promise that he will never look at the blue lights. Yup, that’s your first sign that something is coming.

Klaus, Elijah, Hayley, Marcel and Vincent locate the children before the ritual starts only to have been tricked. See, if there is one thing that we should know in The Originals, nothing is ever as it seems (except Klaus being a doting father, don’t ever take that away from us). Once Klaus kills Will and he and Marcel get trapped in between the magic, Vincent suggests killing Elijah temporarily to stop the spell in order to save the children and Klaus and Elijah.

Haley has to stab Elijah and my heart breaks for her. But Elijah is the man and and saves the day.

But it works. So we think. They are able to save the children back to their homes. Everyone is thrilled that their children are back in their arms.

Hope, feeling better, takes a beignet to her Daddy, cause he promised when she felt better they would have them. But she screams at the top of her lungs, because her Daddy didn’t head her advice.

The Hollow is here peeps!! It’s taken over Marcel and Klaus. Shit’s about to get real.

The Originals airs Friday’s on The CW.

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