The Originals: Fight to the Death – Maybe

The Originals got intense this week.

Now that The Hollow as now taken host in both Marcel and Klaus we knew we were in for a wild ride. The Hollow decides to pit the two against each other using their darkest fears to unravel them further.

For Klaus that unfortunately that means the reappearance of daddy Mikael! We all know that there is anyone he would rather see. We see flashbacks of his father slaughtering a dozen people and torturing his son for having mercy on one of the men.  Klaus wakes up in the Mikaelson home and immediately goes to check on Hope when the blue orb appears. He should listen to Hope and not look into the light.  Klaus asks Elijah and Hayley to take Hope to the bayou to keep her safe while maintaining a conversation with Mikael who suggests he is too weak.

It was only a matter of time until he started to loose his mind. It was debatable if he ever had it.

Marcel is suffering also and confides in new squeeze Sofya showing her the crack in the mirror which shows the sigil. Vincent isn’t answering any of his phone calls and so Sofya asks her witch friend Dominic to help Marcel. Marcel starts to see visions of his own and his haunted by Elijah whose eyes turn orb like.

There are some sparks flying between Freya and Keelin while they celebrate. Freya’s blood, Esther’s magic, Marcel’s venom and Lucian’s ashes have created a weapon that can be used to kill Marcel! Thank God, cause Marcel needs to go down. Klaus confides in Freya that the Hollow is haunting him with Mikael and is pushing him the kill Marcel and Freya tries to cure him.

While in the bayou Elijah and Hayley enjoy a romantic stroll although that is thwarted when they arrive at Mary’s house to find she isn’t too happy to see Elijah. But when is a werewolf ever happy to see an original. One must commend Elijah, because rather than start something with Mary, he trusts in Hayley leaving her to explain to Mary recent events.

We know that isn’t going to end good though, because Mary’s facial expressions are saying it all. Mary presents Hayley with a journal which belonged to her late husband. Have we learned nothing from The Vampire Diaries, journals are never a good sign!

Marcel’s torture has now progressed to Both Elijah and Klaus and he goes for the elder brother only to wake to be holding Sofya. While Klaus is dealing with his own enemy Mikael hits a weak spot when he claims Klaus’s worst fear is that Hope will loathe him as much as Klaus loathes Mikael. Klaus is ready to go ape shit and lashes out and ends up killing a few innocent people. Our heart is in a panic when he believes one to be his sister Freya, because we see the pain and anguish in his eyes.  This really puts Klaus is the fear that he could potentially hurt someone he loves while being influenced by the Hollow. We can’t blame him for that.

Meanwhile Freya tries to decide what The Hollow wants with her brother. Freya learns the Hollow wants a blood sacrifice Marcel or Klaus! Marcel and Klaus finally come to face to face at the abandoned house where the Hollow magic is being grounded, they get into a huge fight and Klaus ends up staking Marcel while Marcel beats Klaus. Klaus ends up snapping Marcel’s neck and we see another appearance of the blue orb but it has a new design. This time there is black smoke that forms a set of hands and glowing eyes. Later Elijah reminds Marcel that the reason he is alive is because Klaus granted him mercy and that he believes that Marcel is Klaus’s biggest weakness meaning he is the key to his redemption.

The episode ends with Dominic at the scene where Klaus and Marcel fought and points to a spot of Marcel’s blood that was spilled which now has a vine growing over it, “he is the only one who can kill an original. The Hollow has received this offering and has given us a gift. A single scratch from this thorn can kill an original!”


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