The Originals ‘Give ‘Em Hell, Kid’ Recap



This week’s episode really focused on the grief that surrounds our favorite characters. Klaus is enduring his own torture while he lays Cami to rest and Marcel is fuelled by his anger towards the Mikaelsons. His hate for the original family is driving his revenge for Davina’s death now that it is clear he was never a part of their family. Klaus feels guilty for what his family has done and seeks out Marcel hoping that he can amend what is broken.

Although even with a trip down memory lane Marcel cannot be persuaded to think otherwise. If you’re not a blood relative then you don’t mean anything.

Freya channels Alexis to see whether the prophecy is still true and she and Elijah vision Marcel turning into a monster and destroying their family. Panic sets in and Elijah goes searching for him. Meanwhile Detective Kinney is back and after some questioning Vincent decided to show him into his world; Kinney then helps Vincent in his plan to defeat the ancestors.


photo source: CW

Vincent and Kol travel to the ancestral plane with a dark object that will cut off the power to the human world thus making them free from the ancestors. Davina sends Vincent back knowing he is needed to guide the witches back on their right path and we witness a rare moment of a Mikaelson pouring his heart out to the woman he loves.  After Davina uses her magic and with the dark object in use the power source for the ancestors is destroyed before she says her final goodbye in this world.

The biggest shock of the episode was when Elijah finds Klaus and Marcel and rips out Marcel’s heart in order to save his family unaware that Marcel has already drunk the serum. Now that Elijah killed him the serum has activated and turned Marcel into the monster Lucien once was!

Will Marcel succeed in his revenge and end the Mikaelsons?

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