The Originals: New Monsters and Old Friends

With a new season approaching very few details have been given or leaked to us longing fans, although two of the most talking about hints have been that of a new threat for all and more crossovers. Julie Plec has confirmed that there will be a new “monster at large” in season four that will ‘wreak havoc’ for all and not just the Mikaelson family. Spoilers have reported that this ‘powerful entity’ will be starting to be featured during episode 7 which suggests that a possible crossover with ‘The Vampire Diaries’ could happen early on in the new season. It has been hinted that the new threat involves the children of New Orleans but nothing else has been reported on this story.

After announcing that ‘The Vampire Diaries’ was ending after it’s eight season it has been highly anticipated that certain characters may move over to New Orleans. However this could present even more major deaths to allow spaces for other characters to join. Confirmed by executive producer Julie Plec, “The Originals” series and “The Vampire Diaries” characters will have more interaction once “TVD” closes shop after Season 8 finale.


The CW deciding to slate The Originals for midseason, circa early 2017, actually had a big impact on how Plec developed the final season of TVD. “Weirdly, it freed us from the pressure of having to do a crossover,” Plec says with a laugh. “Crossovers are so fun creatively but they’re so wildly, intensely hard to pull off. Knowing that we weren’t going to have to jump through those scheduling hoops gave us a sense of peace, although it is always creatively fun to be able to go down that road.”

The question on all fans’ minds is how TVD ending is going to affect The Originals moving forward, and Plec has a very exciting answer for that. “My hope is either that it doesn’t affect it at all or if anything, it makes The Originals a playground of opportunity to see some of these characters again,” she says. “That would be my desire is to keep that show going and to use it as a platform to have some very special visitors over time.”

Klaroline has been constantly teased throughout the series and in the past Caroline has always been a source of strength and reasoning for Klaus. When he wakes up from his sleep he is going to be in a weakened state and will be out for blood, if there is ever a time where he needs Caroline to keep him sane it would be now.