The Originals Where ‘Nothing Stays Buried’ recap and A whole lot of anger!

Last week I was heartbroken following Cami’s death, this week I’m devastated and angry!

SPOILER ALERT!!!! Do not read if you have yet to watch the episode!

With Klaus’s and Marcel’s grief leading them into desperate actions, with one trying to avenge a loved one’s death and the other trying to bring their loved one back. Emotions are running high with everyone still coming to terms of what has happened and just how lethal current events are turning. We even see Klaus urging Hayley to speak with Elijah about her feelings before it is too late! This showing us that Klaus possibly fears for his family with the thoughts that they may not be able to overcome this threat.

Lucien makes it known to the family that he means to go after Rebekah, causing them to fear like never before knowing he could actually kill her. Klaus and Hayley head to recover Rebekah’s body so that Lucien cannot find her, only to be blind-sighted to an attack after Van helps him locate them.

After a short show put on from Lucien to break Klaus and even threatening to kill the mother of his child, Elijah and Freya arrive just in time to turn Lucien back into a normal vampire and from Klaus pulling out his heart. There was no high end fight scene, the simplicity of Klaus finally ending Lucien with an act of personal torment for Lucien (Joker like facial cutting, perfected by previous torturer Tristan) and speaking words of truth. Lucien was not entertained with a dramatic showdown that he probably would have wished for. It was simply beautiful act in which avenged the vicious attack he made on Cami.


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After Kol’s forced attack on Davina he and Marcel seek help from Vincent and the family to save her. The hope that consecrating her will mean they can resurrect her and keep Davina safe from the Ancestors. Freya channels Elijah she can keep Davina safe while Vincent works his magic to resurrect her, although not before she endures some torture from the ancestors in the form of a dark magic object that will rip her ‘soul to shreds’.

Considering that Davina had no choice in becoming a harvest girl originally and even though she went against their ways when she realised the severity of the sacrifice. She was already punished for that with dealing with almost having her magic completely taken. It seemed like she had a target on her back which was unjustified, the only thing that she is guilty of is falling in love with a Mikaelson.

However, Freya and Elijah had a part to play in Davina’s final torment. Knowing that they would be sacrificing her in order to use the ancestor’s magic to defeat Lucien!

They may have eliminated the threat, but the consequences may be far greater for the Mikaelson family as they now face the wrath of Marcel.


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