‘The Originals’ Season 3 Finale Recap

This wasn’t your typical action packed finale, with it focusing on the loyalty of the Mikaelson family and the vow that they took. The one thing that has always made us admire and love them this season was their undoing and could have ultimately destroyed them. Although we all love to see the family go full on ‘Mikaelson’ and tear a few heads and watch as Klaus eyes turn amber before some real damage is done. It’s more heart warming to see when they use strategy rather than force to save their family, with a few added emotional moments held together.


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The episode starts with Marcel awaking from his death, Hayley and Elijah finally have their happiness even if it is only for a short while Klaus holds Hope the one thing he loves most, declaring he will always do right by her.

Freya finds that Klaus enemies are on their way as Klaus struggles to forgive Elijah for what he has done, enter an army Klaus’s sire line to attend witness to the demise of the Mikaelson family. Freya gets poisoned and after Kol pushes it with Marcel, announcing what he is doing is an ‘insult to Davina’s memory’ a fight breaks out and Kol and Elijah gets bitten.  With Klaus now fearing for their lives suddenly Rebekah comes to her brother’s aid to stop any more bloodshed.

The Mikaelsons band together in Lucien’s penthouse to save their family and when Freya comes up with a plan Klaus decides to have a few final moments with those closest to him knowing that there is a good chance Marcel will kill him. It was a scene in which we saw fear and acceptance that this might be it for the original family!

Marcel forces Klaus to stand trial for all his sins and Rebekah’s ripper curse over powers her and she turns on her brother, only to show that it was a plan to help Freya gain time to conduct the spell. Marcel decides that death wouldn’t be enough torture for Klaus and uses Papa Tunde’s blade on him.


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“He knew he had to be anchor to Freya’s spell, he saved us”

With their blood to aid the spell Freya puts the Mikaelsons to sleep until Hayley can find a way to save them. Hayley leaves with the siblings and Hope in faith that one day they will return and be united once more. Vincent believes that Marcel may be just as dangerous as Klaus and decides to make a sanctuary for all those in need.

It was a powerful episode that concluded everything that led up to its final plan for the family. After realising that they were not able to stop Marcel or even cure each other rather than lose one another they decide to ‘sleep’ until what has been broken can be amended. Although Rebekah, Elijah, Freya and Kol get to endure their own fantasy of what could have been Klaus suffers through torment as an act of sacrifice for his family.

Klaus’s redemption was his final act, a precious gift to his family and was the most selfless thing he has ever done to ensure the closest to him are safe. It shows that even the almighty powerful Klaus will always put his family first and the loyalty and love held will always be his one true strength. For all he has done to them in the past this was his way to right all the wrongs and once they are cured, free and together again they can build on their relationships and grow stronger knowing that they overcome an evil they created.


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“Family, Always and Forever”