‘The Originals’ – “Wild At Heart” Episode Recap

If you’re going to learn, you might as well learn from the best.

The episode opens with a dinner that is hosted by Aya who is now taking control of the Strix now that Tristan is gone and loyalty is being tested within the inner circle. She reaches out to Elijah to work together in order for them to stop the prophecy being fulfilled, as of course she wants to make sure nothing happens to her sire. Although Elijah isn’t the only one Aya is seeking to make an alliance with, she offers Davina a deal. The Strix have their own coven of witches called the Sisters that are by far the strongest of their kind. If Davina joins them they will bring back Kol using their power, Davina is torn and can only think of one way to find out if the spell is real and that is to contact Kol.


With the help of her BFF Josh (finally) she takes a poison that will stop her heart from beating in order for her to visit Kol in purgatory to question whether or not the spell could really bring him back. She needs Josh to keep her linked to the living by using his blood which he does unwillingly and because Davina has already taken the poison!

Meanwhile Elijah and Aya have met up and Aya insists on one of their witches Ariane looking into Elijah’s mind via a pool so that they can find out what the weapon is that could kill an original. By using the water as a conductor Ariane enters his mind and witnesses over 1000 years of torment for him and his family.

‘All you’ve endured and yet the worst is yet to come. An unending darkness lies before you. A lone figure,a pale horse, a flame that will burn you all’

Elijah includes this finding to Klaus who is somewhat distracted by Cami’s new personality as a vampire.

After giving her a daylight ring Cami has decided to go walk-a-bout and is exploring her new powers. She has honed her compelling skills and doesn’t waste any time on using mind control on a few innocence. Klaus tries to show her that she is better than this. Just because she is a vampire now it doesn’t mean she has to act like a monster, although it looks like Cami is more than willing to take on that role. She is letting the darkness overtake and makes the realisation to Klaus that this was Aurora’s plan all along so that Cami would lose the one advantage she had over her. She later snaps Klaus neck and compels Will to retrieve her family’s dark objects from Lucien’s home, only to be found by Klaus.



Hayley takes her to the apartment and tries to reason with Cami by showing understanding of what is happening to her. All she gets back is some harsh truth aired by Cami about her feelings for Elijah. Cami seemingly starts to feel guilty for what she said and says it’s probably time for her to go home.

Back in purgatory Davina finally comes face to face with Kol’s original self and he takes her to the bar so that she would be safe from the Ancestors while she was there. After a reunion kiss Kol is under the impression Davina preferred his other body which she tells him she is just adjusting and later states she like’s this body just fine. She shows Kol the spell and he acknowledges that it is dark magic and linked to the Strix. Davina tells him about the deal and Kol tells her that he doesn’t want Davina to take it, claiming “Nothing is worth what they will make you do”. The Ancestors find Davina and try to take her down, which is when the Sister’s witch Ariane arrives and breaks the bond between Davina and Josh so that she can go to Davina and bring her back. Ariane tells Davina that she once considered the deal that was offered to her and yes it was worth it.

Back at the house Klaus finds that Cami is gone and after Hayley makes a comment to Klaus about his desire to help people, it dawns on him what the Pale Horse is and that he created it. The weapon is indeed the carved horse Klaus gave Rebekah all that time ago to keep her safe when they were human and young. Klaus announces it was carved with the bark of a tree close to their village and Elijah makes the connection with the white oak. After searching for it in the apartment and finding that it is gone Klaus makes the realization that he once told Cami of the tale and it is clear that she has now taken the wooden figure meaning that Cami now has the weapon that could kill an Original.

After finally learning what the weapon is Elijah kills Ariane for knowing the information she does, her last words being “I am released” . Doesn’t sound like she was too fond of her life with the Sisters, does it?

Josh tells Davina that if there is a chance for her to be with the one that she loves, that she should do anything to get him as he would for Aiden. He later shares with Marcel that Davina will be joining the Strix’s coven.

The episode ends with Hayley packing up the apartment when she comes across one of Jackson’s shirts. Clutching it to her heart she finally breaks down and cries on the floor of the kitchen, Elijah turns up and Hayley admits to him that for the last 24 hours she has been angry at everyone but she now realizes that she’s not angry, she is guilty and she was looking for someone to blame.

“The truth is my husband died because he loved me and loving any of us is a death sentence, isn’t it”

This last line is like having ice cold water flowing through your veins; one simple line truly shows a devastating truth which the family has been burned with for centuries and it is such a powerful statement that Elijah’s silence and understanding proves it.