Our 4 Favorite #Arrow/#TheFlash Crossover Episodes

With the introduction of The Flash into The CW’s DC universe last season, there were opportunities for crossovers with its parent show Arrow. The beauty about the Arrow and The Flash crossovers has been that they haven’t felt forced. There was always a reason why a character — or characters — would show up in the other’s city.

From guest appearances to the epic two-night event that was a ratings juggernaut for The CW, Arrow and The Flash showed us this season how crossovers should be done in epic fashion.

With the success of the crossovers, including the epic two-night crossover event, there will be annual crossover events for the two shows which promise even more excitement and more Flarrow goodness.

But while were reminiscing about the crossovers from last season, here are our four favorite crossover episodes from this past year:

1. “Flash vs. Arrow” (The Flash, 1×08)

With a title like “Flash vs. Arrow” there’s already epicness guaranteed. The first part of the two-night crossover event featured a showdown between The Flash and the Arrow, which showcased The Flash‘s incredible visual effects and an epic fight scene between our two heroes. “Flash vs. Arrow” also allowed the characters from Arrow — most notably Oliver — to bask in the sunshine of Central City, so to speak. It was interesting to see that while these two shows share a universe, their cities are vastly different and reflective of their shows.

2. “The Brave and the Bold” (Arrow, 3×08)

The second part of the two-night crossover event continued the action in Starling City, where Team Flash lent their help in stopping Captain Boomerang from bombing Starling. While we got the sensational stunts we’re continually spoiled with on Arrow, in the opening fight sequence against Boomerang, we got to glimpse an incredible shot where The Flash saves Arrow from one of Captain’s boomerangs. While “Flash vs. Arrow” focused on the “fight” between our titular heroes, “The Brave and the Bold” was centered around the members from both Team Arrow and Team Flash working together to save the city. While The Flash‘s crossover episode had a lighter tone, Arrow‘s took on a darker tone that fit with the show’s mood. It was the perfect companion to the first part of the crossover event.

3. “Rogue Time” (The Flash, 1×04)

While Oliver Queen made a quick cameo in The Flash series premiere, “Rogue Time” was really the first episode to be dubbed a full-fledged “crossover episode.” And what better way to introduce fans to the crossover world than to bring fan-favorite character Felicity Smoak to Central City. “Rogue Time” featured the introduction of Captain Cold into The Flash, as well as Felicity working with Team Flash to help bond the team, as well as help save Barry’s ass. This was the first of several appearances for Felicity on The Flash this season.

4. “Rogue Air” (The Flash, 1×22)

While the crossover actually happened in the final five minutes of the episode, “Rogue Air” featured the incredible superhero team-up of The Flash, Arrow and Firestorm as the three heroes battled Reverse Flash that had us on the edge of our seats. It was the perfect example of why this shared universe exists: when one hero needs help, shouldn’t the other come running to help? While Barry couldn’t defeat Reverse Flash all by himself, with the help of Oliver’s archery and combat prowess and Firestorm’s fiery power, the three were able to eventually best him. All we know is that after this team-up, we’re going to need some more of this in the future.

What were your favorite crossover episodes/moments from last season?

Arrow and The Flash return with all-new episodes this fall on The CW.



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