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I work a lot. Fangirlish is my baby. I work in social media professionally and I love it - which is probably why I don't keep up on my own. I don't sleep enough and I obsess too much over my favorite things. I need to work on combing my hair more. Or at elast I need to stop dying it different colors.

Chloe Palka

Senior Editor

Fangirl, avid reader, & Anglophile. Current obsessions include: Dylan O'Brien, Teen Wolf, Game of Thrones, brunch, SDCC, and gingerbread lattes. Not a queen, a Khaleesi. Contact:

Alyssa Barbieri

Senior Managing Editor, DC Comics Writer

Teacher by day, writer by every other free moment. Obsessed with sports, TV, books, movies, and superheroes. TV and Sports Editor. I write about DC television, Chicago P.D., Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and more. You can reach Alyssa at


Editor of Things, OUAT Know-it-all

Lawyer. Dreamer. Geek. Eternal optimist. Fangirl since the dawn of time. Hates the color yellow, olives and cigarettes. Has a recurring nightmare where she’s forced to choose between sports and books. Falls in love with fictional characters.


Lyra enjoys loud mouthed, damaged characters, with a penchant for rescuing people and drinking their sorrows away. When she isn’t splurging on Netflix shows she’s not so quietly ranting about Arrow, Teen Wolf, The Walking Dead, The 100, Wynonna Earp, Neil Gaiman, horror movies, and every single DC/Marvel TV show out there. Recently she’s fallen into comics like Captain Marvel, SpiderGwen, and Scarlet. Give her a smart, compelling, female driven story, and she’s there!


Caryn Welby-Solomon

Marvel/Game of Thrones Writer

Writer covering Marvel TV and Movies and Game of Thrones. Lover of books, TV, comics and films. Member of Ravenclaw, sworn fealty to House Martell, and worships at the altar of Peggy Carter.


1D and Wattpad fandom super spy

RN, writer, artist, blogger, 1D fangirl extraordinaire. Twitter: @unrealismbooks | Wattpad: @kristimcm | kristimcm


Not a robot...yet. Writer of books, such as Grey Haven, The Watchers, and Revelation. Collector of stories, researcher of life, and curator of people; not for robot reasons. That would be weird. Everything is Lizzie's fault. Connect with me on Twitter @lynniepurcell.

Adele Brooks

Fluent in Friends quotes. Complete TV geek and I get way too obsessed and invested in TV shows.

Liz Harkins

MTV Princess

A college senior, well versed in all things concerning pop culture and social media. I write recaps not tragedies. #GIRLBOSS


Reader, fangirl and aspiring writer. Obsessed with horses, hockey and Herondales. Frequently has her heart broken by fictional characters and terrible hockey teams.


Nora Dominick

Editorial Writer

College student by day, all out TV and Broadway fangirl by night. Constantly falling in love with fictional characters. Massive Walking Dead fan. Wish I could split my time between Stars Hollow, Dillon & Tree Hill. Twitter: @noradominick

Jennifer Iacopelli


Jennifer Iacopelli is a New York based writer who watches way too much genre TV, reads way too many Pride and Prejudice retellings and obsesses over way too many sports. She is most happy when she's doing all three at once.


Book Nerd

Technical writer by day, creative writer by night, reader in every spare minute. I'm always dreaming up the next book that I want to write, mostly because they're the stories I want to read. I also run and love on my husband and dog. A busy life is a happy life, after all.


Becky is a television, literature, and pop culture enthusiast who spends more of her time exploring fictional worlds than she does living in the real one. Post-apocalyptic and dystopian settings are her kryptonite, and she has a strange soft spot for anything that involves the walking dead (the creatures themselves, not the show -- but the show is good, too). You can usually find her engrossed in shows like Preacher, The Walking Dead, Sense8, or any one of the many other series that tickle her fancy.


A person of many loves from sports to television. Owned by many different cats. Can tell you what happened in every episode of Lost but not what I ate yesterday.

Dorothy Lydia

Staff Writer

Dorothy is a YA author from Australia who practically lives in her room, has a green tea addiction and sometimes talks to her cat. When she's not glued to her laptop, you can find her binge watching television shows on Netflix or digging through the refrigerator even though she's just eaten.


A twenty-something attempted professional by day. Fangirl every other second. Ivette enjoys writing, TV shows, music, books, traveling, exploring, and photography. The last three pretty much go together. She loves coffee, and drinks it a lot more than she should. Also, finds adulting difficult on some days.


Writer. Tweeter. Doer of many things. Pluto broke my heart. May or may not be a descendant of Odin. Currently residing in Nashville, TN.


Lover of writing and coffee. Has a room overflowing with books and a Netflix queue a mile long. Want to chat? Just mention Nathan Scott and you've got my attention.


I'm really into TV. It's kind of a problem. I've got a thing for Mindy Kaling, bad parodies, breakfast food and jokes that are at my own expense. Contact:

Michaela Nardo

Lover of words. Lover of podcasts. Lover of small moments in conversation that evoke Hamilton lyrics.

Rachel Leishman


I like hot actors and I like to talk about them. It is pretty much my game plan.



Journalism student.Aspiring fan studies researcher. Dreams of writing for Entertainment Weekly. Loves all things fandom. The Blacklist blogger. Coldplay fanatic.

Sarah Thomas

Staff Writer

About me: I was born a Buckeye and grew up a Hoosier. Dreamer, lover of instrumental music and drinker of way too much iced chai tea from Starbucks. I’m a fantasy book reader, tv review fanatic (I just love seeing what people think ok? haha), tumblr aficionado, and extremely happy to be writing here! Favorite book: The Last Lecture Favorite movie: Titanic Favorite Quote: “We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand” ~Randy Pausch

Danielle Pitter

contributing writer

My accomplishments include an Associate's Degree from Middlesex County College 2014, with a major in Liberal Arts. Also, while learning about books, fashion, movies, and music, my hobbies include reading YA books, catching up on episodes of favorite TV shows, and embracing every opportunity to share my creativity through writing. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Also, check out my websites: 'PoetryBooksYA' and 'Paramore RK Life' on Blogger.

Shelby Elpers

I am a CW enthusiast who spends way too much time fawning over pictures of hedgehogs and starting books I never finish. Oh, and I love Tim Riggins.

Luciana Mangas

20-something Brazilian journalist. Crazy about TV. Currently in love with DC and Marvel superheroes, that tattooed lady from NBC, clone conspiracies and dystopian futures. Always in love with the Wizarding World. You can reach her at @lucianamangas on Twitter and talk about how much you love TV and Harry Potter as well. Or puppies. Puppies are cool too.


Bruins fan since birth, fantasy hockey nut. Love NBA, tennis, racing, but not MLB. I'm a Canadian who hates winter and daydreams about beaches.


Fangirl. Traveler. Reader. Writer. Hufflepuff. Amity. Aries. Listener. Blogger. Dreamer.


Yasmin is a Marvel Comics expert. She is an starving writer at: @screenrant @tyfofficial and @fangirlishness. #GALECA member

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