You don’t choose the ship, the ship chooses you. And there are plenty of ships that have chosen us over the years — and 2018, specifically.

We all watch television and movies and read books for a variety of reasons. And we’re not ashamed to admit that ships are a big reason that we’re passionate about these entertainment mediums. Love is a fundamental part of life — both reality and fictional — and getting to see that reality portrayed in entertainment makes it more attainable and believable. It’s why a lot of us watch and why we care.

This year brought us some amazing ship moments that made us feel all the feels. From the moment that Lucy and Wyatt finally got together to Lara Jean and Peter in the hot tub to super-couple goodness with Olicity, WestAllen, Karamel, and Avalance, this year was good to us.

Here are our favorite ship moments from 2018:

Lucy and Wyatt Finally Get Together

Timeless (Episode 2×03 “Hollywoodland”)

credit: karamelcoveredolicity

We knew from the pilot that Lucy and Wyatt were meant to be. And while it took a season for that bond to flourish in friendship, trust, and respect, we finally saw the pair give into their feelings that ran deeper than friendship in a whirlwind of an episode. All of the “almosts,” the longing looks, the sexual tension we felt in our bones, and the kiss that changed everything, it was all leading to that one moment poolside in ‘40s Hollywood when Wyatt finally confessed his feelings to Lucy. And instead of running away because she was afraid, Lucy dove right in with him, bringing us a beautiful moment of desire, passion, and love that had us screeching in pterodactyl screams. It was a moment that was more than worth the wait.

Felicity Is Oliver’s “Glue, Baby”

Arrow (Episode 6×18 “Fundamentals”)

credit: felicitysmoakdaily

At times when Arrow feels so very unlike Arrow, there’s one thing that always seems to ring true in a way that not even the producers or writers can affect it. Oliver and Felicity. This entire series has shown us the power of love, specifically the power of the love between Oliver and Felicity. In terms of Oliver, our hero, it’s shown us that Felicity is his salvation. She’s the light that guides his way. She’s the voice of reason that calls him home. She’s the one person in the entire world that has affected positive change in his life in such a significant way.  As Oliver is riding a Vertigo-induced wave of hallucinations throughout the hour, the first hallucination he experiences is the worst: Felicity saying that they need some “space” or “separation” because of his actions. As Oliver dives deeper into this Vertigo-induced reality, it’s no surprise that the only person that can get him out of it is Felicity. Wedding aside, I can’t recall the last time I’ve been overcome with the kind of emotion that came with Felicity being the one to break through a powerful drug like Vertigo to bring Oliver back from the ledge. If you ever doubted that Felicity was Oliver’s salvation (and glue, baby, as she so beautifully put it), this scene was God’s proof that she is.

Iris is Barry’s Lightning Rod

The Flash (Episode 4×15 “Enter Flashtime”)

credit: tumblr

One reason I love comic book shows is that they can explore scenarios that simply wouldn’t be possible in any other genre. Episode 15 of The Flash’s season 4 was a perfect example. After a nuclear bomb goes off in the heart of Central City, Barry accelerates into super speed as he tries to work out a solution to save the day. He is unable to come up with a solution until finally, emotionally and physically drained, he goes to see Iris, his wife. It is this scene that shows what makes Westallen so remarkable, and why their relationship is so iconic. By touching her, he can bring her into Flashtime with him. For her, seconds had passed; for him, hours. But even after he tells her that he’s failed and she realizes the repercussions, there is no question of whether they should save themselves. Instead, they are happy to simply hold each other; if they must die, at least it will be together. And yet, it is their connection (she’s his “lightning rod” which is a pretty important concept in the comics) that helps her find the words to help him save the day. Gold standard, indeed.

Kara and Mon-El Reveal Their Feelings To Each Other

Supergirl (Episode 3×21 “Not Kansas”)

credit: tumblr

Karamel might be on a break for now (you never know what the future may bring), that doesn’t take away from the beautiful moments the two have brought us. Season 3 had its share of Karamel drama that was never truly paid off, but the moment between Kara and Mon-El in the garden in Argo was the closest that payoff felt. At this point, Mon-El knew that he still loved Kara (seven years after he was sent away), but it was torn between telling her because he didn’t want to burden her. But when Kara began to talk about wanting happiness, it awoke something in Mon-El about his own happiness. So he owed it to himself to tell Kara how he felt because he didn’t want to hide things from her. Not anymore. Then Kara told him about her dream in the field from the premiere and how all she wanted was for him to be there with her. And now he was. She cupped his cheek and we almost got that epic reunion kiss we’d been waiting for. It was frustrating and angsty. But in terms of storytelling, we thought it was foreshadowing another moment for the reunion we didn’t get. Well, not yet.

Deeks and Kensi Reaffirm Their Love

NCIS: Los Angeles (Episode 10×01 “To Live and Die in Mexico”)

credit: deeks-blye

Season 9 was the season of trying to find compromise for Kensi and Deeks. They both have a dangerous job, and in order for them to get married, to start a family, something had to give. Deeks was ready to quit, Kensi was not. Deeks wanted a timeline, Kensi didn’t have one. So, for one brief instant, it seemed like this two might not find a way to work it out. But, of course, when push came to shove, Deeks followed Kensi into danger, and then they compromised, the way they always do. Because that’s what you do when you love someone.

“When my body dies, my soul will still be yours.”

Outlander (Episode 4×01 “America the Beautiful”)

credit: clairebeauchamps

Jamie and Claire have gone through a lot in the past three seasons, and they’re finally together, finally looking forward to building the life they always wanted, and having a home to call their own, in this new land. And that comes with a reaffirmation of what they mean to each other, what they have meant to each other every second they have been apart, and what they will continue to feel every second of their lives. Claire says nothing in response, but we know she feels the same. We see it in her face.

Lara Jean and Peter’s Hot Tub Game-Changer

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

credit: scullys

We knew it from the moment they pretended to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Lara Jean and Peter were perfect together. And watching their chemistry and feelings develop over the course of the film that led to that infamous hot tub scene was beautiful to behold. Having watched that trusting foundation develop and watching those fake feelings become real, the hot tub scene became much more than the sizzling chemistry fest. Peter had driven across town to buy Lara Jean’s favorite yogurt drinks. Lara Jean stepped outside her comfort zone to tell Peter how she felt. And the two had their first real kiss that left our hearts racing. Could these two be any more perfect?!

Amy and Jonah Get Together

Superstore (Episode 3×22 “Town Hall”)

credit: montygreen

Slowburn romances are some of the best romances. You have two people that are forming a relationship that is separate from romance that establishes a trusting foundation and a friendship necessary to sustain a relationship. Amy and Jonah are one of those slowburn romances that you found yourself wondering if they’d ever go there or if they’d just keep teasing us with their chemistry and lingering looks. But Supestore finally went there…in Superstore fashion. Amy and Jonah finally gave into their feelings and wound up doing it in the photo room…with a webcam broadcasting it live across the entire Cloud 9 franchise. But more than that, this moment opened the door for Amy and Jonah to explore their feelings for each other in season 4, which has been refreshing.

The Ferris Wheel Reveal

Love, Simon

credit: f-ire-fly

When Simon finally made the decision to put himself out there — in meeting Blue– he portrayed courage and conviction that most people aren’t brave enough to do. He put himself out there — literally — when he announced that he’d be waiting for Blue on the ferris wheel at the carnival. And then he was forced to ride that ferris wheel alone waiting for Blue to be as brave as he was. When Bram came walking up, Simon had no idea that it was him. Until Bram found his inner courage and sat down. “It’s you.” “It’s me.” What’s beautiful is that in Simon finding the courage to be hiself and put himself out there, he helped Bram find that within himself, as well. Oh, and about that passionate kiss atop the ferris wheel. Their friends and peers were us as they collectively cheered!

Sara and Ava Get Their Happy Relationship

Legends of Tomorrow (Episode 4×01 “The Virgin Gary”)

credit: captainchilly

Sara Lance has never the luckiest when it comes to relationship but 2018 brought a new love to her life in the form of Ava Sharpe. Following the classic “Enemies to Friends to Lovers” pattern most classic romances do, AvaLance became one of the most popular ships not just in the DCTV universe but on all of TV. In the season 4 premiere, we got to see Sara and Ava in a happy, healthy relationship. From cuddling in bed to talks about their future together, Sara and Ava showed how much they make each other feel better and stronger together. Those types of couples are pretty rare on tv and the fact that a LGBTQ relationship is highlighted in such a beautiful way makes our heart burst.

Jake and Amy Get Married

Brooklyn 99 (Episode 5×22 “Jake & Amy”)

credit: tumblr

After years and years of waiting, Jake and Amy finally got married. They were surrounded by their found family, had their Captain marry them off, and even had a robot for the rings. But the thing that really blew us away were the vows. They were sincere, funny, and a reminder of why we ship these two so much. Thank god that NBC picked this bad boy up because we need more of Peraltiago. Next stop: honeymoon premiere episode!

“From this moment, we will always be one.”

A Discovery of Witches (Episode 1×05)

Diana is the first to confess her feelings, leading Matthew to pull away, not because he doesn’t feel the same, but because he’s hesitant to admit it, as he understands what it means: forever, really and truly. And yet, it takes very little for him to realize that, whether he states it out loud or not, he loves Diana, and he will never be able to return to the Matthew that didn’t care for her. And when they come together, their words are the final consummation, a marriage in so many ways. Together forever.

The Reconciliation of Connor and Nic

The Resident (Episode 2×03 “Three Words”)

credit: olicitysbughead

The way The Resident has handled Conic has been realistic and genuine and has totally taken our hearts. When the pilot aired, we all were taken by the chemistry that Matt Czuchry and Emily VanCamp have. It made us wonder why Conrad and Nic were not a couple. What happened? Well, episode 2×03 – “Three Words” – answered our questions and gave us the Conic backstory, and forever cemented our love this ship in our hearts. Finding out they suffered a miscarriage and then the issues surrounding Conrad’s PTSD from serving in the military made Nic tell him to get help. It took the death of dearly beloved patient – Lily – and Nic being framed and arrested for Lily’s death for Conic to reconcile, but when they did our hearts and feels soared!

Nick Proposes to Rachel (The Second Time)

Crazy Rich Asians

credit: michaela-coel

Let’s just ignore that first proposal and jump to the end. It wasn’t some grand moment set in the most beautiful place in Singapore. But it was enough. After a somewhat rough outing in Singapore with Nick’s family, Rachel realized her worth but also managed to get her man in the end. As Rachel is preparing to fly home to New York City, Nick finds her in coach and delivers a proposal that feels bigger than it would’ve in any grand landscape in Singapore. It’s full of truth, emotion, and love, and it reminds us that there are good men out there that value women.

Wayhaught Proposal

Wynonna Earp (Episode 3×12 “War Paint”)

credit: tumblr

You’d have to be blind to not realize/understand that Waverly Earp proposed to Nicole Haught at the end of season 3 of Wynonna Earp. She’s done stagnating and waiting for things to get better to settle down and be happy with the person she loves. Waverly is going to take that happiness by the horns and never let go. And us, dedicated Earpers, have absolutely no problem with that

What were your favorite ship moments of 2018?

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