‘Outlander’ 3×12 Review/Recap: “The Bakra”


This episode could very well be called “Ghosts of The Past” because damn, EVERYONE showed up in Jamaica. Jamie and Claire finally land on Jamaica in search of Young Ian, but it’s not as easy as simply finding the house he’s in. With little time before Captain Leonard arrives and arrest Jamie, it’s a race against the clock for Jamie and Claire to find Young Ian in Outlander’s penultimate episode of season 3 entitled “The Bakra.”

One of the hardest things Claire has ever had to see while in the past comes in this latest episode of Outlander. Upon arriving in Jamaica, Claire is forced to witness the most gruesome thing in our histories: the slave trade. It’s horrible to watch come to life on screen and it’s super painful to watch Claire witness it all. Caitriona Balfe does an incredible job at showing Claire’s pain with just expressions. As they travel through the port asking about Ian, Claire can’t take watching these innocent people get traded and sold into slavery.

In a typical Claire being a badass fashion, Claire attacks one of the men at the slave auction causing a scene in the port. This is when I jumped up and cheered just an FYI. Claire convinces Jamie to buy the man so they can set him free. God bless Claire!

Meanwhile we learn where Young Ian ended up. After getting off the ship, he is taken to a rich mistresses house. And guess who it is?! It turns out Geillis Duncan! Yup! The bitch is back and ready to screw everyone over once again. She has Young Ian and is looking for the third blue sapphire that was with the treasure Young Ian grabbed. She’s looking to figure out a Scottish prophecy and needs the stones. And of course, has enlisted Margaret and Archibald Campbell to help.

Claire and Jamie catch wind that the Governor of Jamaica is hosting a party. They attend with Fergus and Marsali in hopes of asking around about Young Ian. While they’re in line to meet the new governor is non-other that Lord John Grey! Told you there was people showing up left and right. Lord Grey is ecstatic to Jamie and tbh it’s the most adorable friendship on TV.

While Jamie and Lord John catch up and chat about Willie and everything else, Claire mingles around the party. It’s there that she spies Geillis. She chases after her and we learn how she managed to escape the witch burning all those years ago. It turns out they learned she was with child. In order to spare the child, they kept in her in the hole until she gave birth. Dougal came and collected the child and managed to convince some people to put a different woman under the hood instead of Geillis. Claire, like us, is shocked she’s now in Jamaica and still alive. Little does Claire know that Geillis is holding Ian hostage.

When they return to the party, Geillis spies the third sapphire on Lord John Grey. She convinces him to get his fortune read by Margaret, so she can hold the stone and learn the prophecy. Afterwards, Claire and Jamie learn that Ian is being held at Geillis’s estate. They run off to find her, but not before Captain Leonard arrives at the party, with the purpose of arresting Jamie.

Claire and Jamie try to slip out of the party, but it’s no use. Captain Leonard arrests Jamie before they can find Young Ian. In the saddest moment of the episode, Jamie hands off the pictures of Brianna and the portrait of Willie for safe keeping. It’s heartbreaking and I’m crying just thinking of it.


The penultimate episode of Outlander for the season ends with Jamie being hauled off by red coats and Claire left to go find Ian and figure out a way to rescue Jamie. Next week’s finale is sure enough going to rip our hearts out as they race through Jamaica to find Ian and stop Geillis from whatever the heck she’s up to.

Outlander Season 3 finale airs next Sunday at 8/7c on Starz. Catch up now with the Starz App.

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