‘Outlander’ Preview: “Wilmington”

I am so ready for Sunday’s episode of Outlander. After last week’s Jamie and Claire free episode I have to admit that I am looking forward to seeing them again. Yes, even after a week, I miss seeing my favorite couple on the screen. Even for a second.

This week’s preview of Outlander has my heart beating fast and my body ready for the joy and pain. It alludes to Roger and Brianna finding each other, which I am 100% for. Yet, we’re gonna have to deal with James Bonnet and Brianna being in his presence. He has Claire’s wedding ring, so who knows what shit he will spin.

Jamie’s gonna have his deal with the Governor catch up to him. We all knew that would happen and that the drama would be captivating.

Here’s the official synopsis;

Roger’s desperate pursuit of Brianna finally pays off. Meanwhile, Jamie’s loyalty to the Governor is tested when he learns of a plot and ultimately decides to team up with Claire to avert disaster.

Wilmington airs Sunday, December 23 at 8pm EST on Starz.


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