Outlander Recap 2×11: Vengeance is Mine


Today is the long anticipated episode written by Outlander author, Diana Gabaldon. Sadly, it is also the beginning of the end, with only two more episodes left to the season. While last week’s episode brought some lighthearted moments, there were also those gut-wrenching scenes, and the last three episodes of the season are looking to follow in its footsteps.

Claire tells us that the campaign has been successful so far, but they have not garnered the support in South Scotland and North England that they hoped for. The Lord General and Quartermaster are in rare agreement that they should turn back and hold what land they have, Jamie and Charles want to push forward to London. The problem is the British have three troops numbering 30,000 men to their 5,000 and they have no idea where any of those troops are. When Charles asks who will stand beside him, only Jamie does and in anger, Charles tells them he would rather be buried in an unmarked grave on the battlefield than turn heel. But with the curse of “may [they] rot in hell,” he tells them to do what they feel best.

Outlander Season 2 2016Charles storms out of the room and his generals run after him. Jamie meanders over to where Claire has been doing dentistry work on the poor souls that have come to her. Jamie tells her that his attempt to get them to continue to London failed. He knew it was a bad idea, but felt if they continued south, then her knowledge of what happens to the rebellion would end up wrong. Alas, his bid to change the future did not work this time.

Dougal comes with news the next day that Jamie is to report to Inverness for winter quarters, which is basically to say the Quartermaster is exiling Jamie for daring to disagree with him and the Lord General. To make matters worse, they spirited Charles away at dawn, so Jamie could not appeal their decision.

The Lollybroch and Leoch group make their way to Inverness and are camped out for the night when shots come out of nowhere. The British army has stumbled upon them and is taking the chance to wipe out the group. The group attempts to scatter so they aren’t all in danger. Dougal, Rupert, Jamie, Claire, Murtagh, and Fergus ride together with Redcoats hot on their tails. While they are riding, a shot hits Rupert and Dougal risks his life to make sure he isn’t left behind. Eventually they are able to evade the Redcoats and stumble on to a church. Jamie checks to make sure it is safe, only to find more of his men hiding there.

Outlander Season 2 2016Claire performs a successful surgery removing the musket from Rupert’s eye and sewing it closed. As soon as she is done though, they notice a firelight through the window. The Redcoats have found them and are demanding a surrender. Jamie has the idea of surrendering himself in exchange for the freedom of everyone else, since he is the only one with a price on his head. Dougal, on the other hand, thinks they should stand and fight; better they all die than to surrender. Claire objects to both and without giving them a choice, starts to yell for help. If the soldiers believe the men have a British woman as a hostage, they are less likely to fire on the church. Hopefully, they will be able to trade her for the freedom of everyone and eventually come back to save her from the British. Since the ruse worked before with John Gray, why not now?

Jamie vehemently objects to this, but Claire yells at him that she is Lady Broch Tuarach and the men there are also her responsibility and it is her duty to try and protect them. Dougal goes out to negotiate her “release.” Jamie wants to at least be the one to take her out, but if they recognize him as Red Jamie, all bets are off. Dougal brings her out and the two groups split away.

Outlander Season 2 2016Claire is brought to a local village and, in the shadows, Hugh Munro watches over her. She is brought to a tavern for food and rest, and apparently to be propositioned by British officers. When they set out in the morning, Claire finds out they are heading to Bellmont instead of Hazelmere, where Jamie and the others assumed she would be. Luckily Hugh uses his status as a beggar to reveal himself to Claire and she recognizes him. She stages a conversation in front of him that tells him that she will be in Bellmont, so that he can pass the message to Jamie.

That seems to be the end of Claire’s luck, though, because the place she is heading to ends up being the manor of the Duke of Sandringham, who, of course, recognizes her. The Duke plays along while in front of the soldier who delivered her, but as soon as he is gone, the snark starts to fly between them. The Duke tells her how he is being watched and there are British soldiers surrounding his estate. He also knows that Jamie is going to try and rescue Claire and when he comes, Sandringham wants to come with, claiming he has always been a Jacobite at heart.

Outlander Season 2 2016After the Duke convinces Claire to write a letter to Jamie about rescuing him too, Mary comes in much to Claire’s surprise. Mary is apparently Sandringham’s goddaughter and is staying with him until her marriage. Mary leads Claire down to the cellar because it is the only place she feels she isn’t being spied on. She begs Claire to help her get out of her marriage and Claire tells her she will speak to the Duke. When she does though, she recognizes a large mark on the Duke’s valet’s hand. The same mark that was on the hand of one of the men that attacked her and Mary in Paris.

The Duke is the one who arranged for the attack. He owed Comte St. Germain money and the Comte wanted Claire murdered as repayment. Instead the Duke convinced him rape was a suitable enough revenge. Now the Duke is just waiting for Jamie to arrive so his trap can be sprung. Delivering Red Jamie and his wife is a great way to secure his position with the British. He locks Claire away in her room, so she can’t escape.

Outlander Season 2 2016

Hugh finds Jamie and there is a lighthearted moment of Jamie and Murtagh making fun the terrible Gaelic in Claire’s letter. They eventually decipher her message and realize there are soldiers at Bellmont.

During the night, Mary finds the key to Claire’s room and lets her out, begging Claire to take her with her when Jamie comes. Claire tries to sneak out to warn Hugh, whom she saw sneaking around the grounds, that it is a trap, but she runs into Sandringham before she can escape. He forces her to sit down and chat with her, asking for details about how St. Germain died. Mary comes down and sees Claire is stuck with her godfather. She takes it upon herself to get the message out and runs into a soldier right before Hugh knocks him out. She tells him Claire is in the kitchen and to warn Jamie.

Claire is forced to endure more of Sandringham’s questions about St. Germain until the valet drags Mary in and she stutters out an excuse of not wanting to marry Mr. Graham and trying to run away before she got too scared of the dark and soldiers. Sandringham yells at her to just go to bed and the valet is about to drag her to her room when Jamie bursts in. The valet throws Mary and grabs Claire with a knife to her throat, telling Jamie to throw his dirk away. Jamie follows his instructions, but the valet is surprised when now Murtagh runs into the room. Claire takes advantage of his lapse of attention and breaks free, allowing Jamie to attack him. Claire yells out that the valet is the one who attacked them in Paris and Mary is aghast. The valet says it wasn’t his fault, that Sandringham made him due it and Claire corroborates the story. Sandringham says how they were lucky that is all that happened since St. Germain has worse things planned and they should be grateful.

While Jamie is attacking the Duke for his part, Mary picks up the abandoned dirk and stabs the valet. Everyone looks at her in surprise, Sandringham breaks away from Jamie and backs up. Murtagh is right behind him though and uses an ax to cut him down. He proceeds to chop Sandringham’s head off before picking it up and carrying it to Claire. He kneels on one knee before her, putting the head on the ground. “I kept my promise and I lay your vengeance at your feet.” Murtagh never forgot his promise to find out who attacked Claire and get revenge for his Laird and Lady.

Outlander Season 2 2016


  • I never expected Charles to be as gangster to rather die in battle than retreat.
  • Jamie praying over Claire in Gaelic is the sweetest thing ever.
  • Will the fans be okay with changed from the book when it is the actual author making the changes? Probably not.
  • Have I mentioned how much I love Jamie in a kilt?
  • Holy shit, he got shot in the eye.
  • Claire you gotta stop making 20th century jokes and just accept they won’t get it.
  • Claire is always quick to use her status as a British woman to their advantage. Respect.
  • Dare I think Dougal actually likes Claire now?
  • Claire is so dang smart.
  • Ugh I hate the Duke of Sandringham.
  • Mary! I was afraid they were cutting this storyline.
  • The Comte still screwing Claire over, even from beyond the grave.
  • And can we stop using rape as a convenient plot device in every show?
  • Mary may be a wimp most of the time, but she is a quick thinker.
  • Damn Murtagh.
  • I am so glad they didn’t kill Hugh like in the books.

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