#OutlanderWedding – Lots of Sexy Times to be Had

It’s time for a wedding. As most people do – I love a wedding, but lets face it. The reason that I am most excited for this is the Sexy times. This is the most anticipated episode of the season.


The episode opens with Claire back in the 1900’s on her wedding day. We guess it’s only natural that you think about your husband when you’re about to marry someone else. Though, we’re pretty sure that we’d be more interested in Jamie (to each their own).

Frank has surprised Claire and wants to get married at the courthouse. His romantic way of asking – “Ready?”. That’s how every girl wants to get swept off their feet. Am I right ladies? I mean he eventually asks her to marry him, but ya know.

So then we’re back at the wedding that we all want to see. Jamie and Claires. We hear “You may kiss your bride” and instantly your heart melts.

Only it’s not this kind of kissing yet –


Claire is in her room, staring in the mirror when Jamie walks in. They are making small talk – as one does when you marry a complete stranger. Claire asks if they are going home anytime soon.  Jamie says that no one is going home until they make it official. So one does what one can only do – they have a drink. They know the sexy times are coming, but both are nervous. Claire’s about to “make him a man”. Claire’s nervous and shaking, drinking like a fish. Jamie lets her know that she needs not be afraid. He is not going to force himself on her.

Claire asks Jamie why he agreed to marry her. She understands why she made the agreement, she didn’t feel she had much choice. But Jamie did have a choice, she thinks. But Jamie says he didn’t have much of a choice either. In order for Claire not to be delivered to Randall, they have to follow the letter of the law and that includes consummation of the marriage right away.

We see Dougal and skeezy lawyer dude telling Jamie about the situation. He wants to know if Claire knows. But Dougal says she has no say in the matter. Jamie married Claire to keep her safe. He knows what Randall is capable of.

Claire realizes he married her to keep her safe. Jamie tells her she has his name, his clan, and if necessary the protection of his body as well.  I don’t blame Claire for going to sit on the bed at this point. I would have had most of us in bed with him immediately.

Jamie leans in for the kiss and as he does Claire asks about his family. This is a distraction that goes on for sometime. They spent the next several hours talking and getting to know each other. Claire starts to relax and is enjoying getting to know Jamie. At that point Claire’s protection detail barges in the room. Dougal sent them up to see if they’d bumped uglies yet.

Claire says it’s time for bed. Jamie asks the question every man asks at that point – “bed or sleep?”. We can only imagine what is going on under the kilt at that moment. Jamie helps her get undressed and when she’s down to her gown – he heads to second base. Claire’s breathing is eratic and she says that it’s her turn. She’s going to help him get undressed. Now que the most awkward sex scene ever.

I get it though. Loosing your virginity is never perfect.

Claire asks Jamie if it was like he thought it would be. He explains that he didn’t know that you did it face to face. He thought you did it the back way. Like horses. Jamie asks Claire if she liked it. You can tell she didn’t.

Some of the men in the clan had offered Jamie advice on the matter and he says they must have been right. Women generally don’t like it. They are idiots Jamie. But it wasn’t that Claire didn’t like it – she felt guilty for liking it. Claire leaves the room, not thinking. Everyones out there and cheers for them having done it. Jamie tells her to go back inside.

Jamie heads downstairs to get her food. He fills a plate and on his way back upstairs, Dougal says, “I don’t think you thanked me properly.” Dougal tells him to sit down awhile.

Jamie is back in the room with Claire. They’re eating, catching up on the times. Claire asks for more whiskey, Jamie stops to get her some, and then when he strokes her hair she becomes timid. Claire apologizes and uses her distraction technique again. She asks where he got the new kilt. He starts to explain it to her.  Murtagh had gotten it for him.

tumblr_nc8e6hsJQo1tn80sao1_500Claire remarks that she’s surprised Dougal let the wedding wait so Jamie could get new kilts. Jamie set down stipulations. Dougal made sure that he got the wedding in a church with a priest.

The next condition was a wedding ring made from a key. The third was a wedding dress. Ned went to a whore house to get that. The dress is pretty, but seeing Ned in a whore house is uncomfortable.

Jamie asks Claire if she remembers anything from the wedding. Claire said she had a massive hangover. Jamie says he remembered every moment, every second. He remembers Claire’s beauty, her saying she can’t marry him. And then we see the wedding, and it’s beautiful. I want to get married in Scotland, with candles now.

Claire gets up and walks to the other side of the room and orders Jamie to take off his shirt. Jamie oblidges. Then comes one of the hottest sex scenes ever. You just have to watch it.


Claire heads downstairs and Dougal walks in. He saw Captain Randall and he doesn’t think that Randall will be pushing it any further. Dougal then proceeds to be a gross old man and hit on Claire. She turns him down quickly.

Dougal’s pissed.

Jamie wakes up and see’s Claire sitting by the fire. He gives her a strand of pearls that were his mothers. And then we get round 3 of thetumblr_nc9dxxevmc1tn80sao1_250 sexy times.

The next morning Claire is shaking out her wedding dress and her ring for her marriage to Frank falls out. She picks up the ring, puts it on her other hand, and realizes what she has done.

Perfect episode! We can’t wait to see what the hell happens next week based on the promo for the mid-season finale.


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