The Hunger Games


Jimmy Kimmel Has a Marketing Plan for ‘Mockingjay’

Marketing. That is never easy. However, we’re loving how Jimmy Kimmel would market Mockingjay if he could. Hahaha Jimmy. We don’t remember any of this from the books, but maybe we need a re-read. What do you think?



We Finally Understand ‘Outlander’ Cleavage. We Get It.

We thought that this was important Outlander news. As many of you know the other day we posted pictures of the Claire on the wedding night and all we could think was that her boobs had to hurt.     That does not look comfortable. I mean am I wrong when I say that it looks

The Maze Runner


Hello @DylanObrien for #Elle Magazine

Felt that since today The Maze Runner finally gets its box office opener, that Dylan O’Brien’s newest magazine feature should get shown off here. Have you seen it yet?! Most people have, because we are bombarded with emails of why haven’t you tweeted this photo yet?! Here you go Fangirlish readers! Dylan O'Brien for Elle



Saving A City Takes A Toll in New ‘Arrow’ Season 3 Poster

The CW has released a second promotional poster for the highly-anticipated third season of Arrow, which features Oliver Queen (as the Arrow) with the tagline “Saving A City Takes A Toll.” Here’s the synopsis and promotional stills for the season premiere, “The Calm.” OLIVER SEARCHES FOR AN IDENTITY BEYOND THE ARROW — With crime in Starling

The Fifth Wave


‘The 5th Wave’ casts heroine’s younger brother Sammy

The 5th Wave has found its Sammy! Zackary Arthur has been cast as lead heroine Cassie (Chloe Grace Moretz)’s younger brother in the adaptation of the bestselling Rick Yancey novel, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. In the book, Cassie, who has survived multiple waves of an alien invasion, is determined to find and save her younger brother Sammy,



A New Trailer for Jason Reitman’s MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN

A new trailer for Jason Reitman’s MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN debuted and we’re excited. You know us, a sucker for anything with Ansel Elgort. Get More: Movie Trailers, Celebrity News “Men, Women & Children” hits theaters on October 1. Synopsis: MEN, WOMEN & CHILDREN follows the story of a group of high school teenagers and