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Supernatural TV

Supernatural teasers

S.E. Hinton recently visited the Supernatural set in Vancouver and tweeted some interesting tidbits.  First, there was this: Exciting stuff N this episode! Minor, obscure character returns. No, not Gabe, Bobby, or Balthazar. MINOR. Very…

Arrow TV

Inside #Arrow: ‘Deathstroke’

Arrow will never be the same after “Deathstroke.” In this “Inside Arrow” preview, executive producer Marc Guggenheim previews tomorrow’s massive, season-finale-esque episode and teases the return of Summer Glau as Isabel Rochev. Here’s a synopsis…

The 100 TV

Inside #The100: ‘Earth Kills’

It’s Operation Save Jasper on The 100. In this “Inside The 100” preview, executive producer Jason Rothenberg previews tomorrow’s episode where Clarke fights to save Jasper’s life. Here’s a synopsis for “Earth Kills”: ZABELA VIDOVIC (“HOMEFRONT”) GUEST STARS…