BREAKING: Official #JurassicPark4 Trailer Debuts

Not that we’re complaining but I thought this trailer wasn’t supposed to arrive until Thursday during Thanksgiving football. Guess that’s one thing to be thankful for… the web changes all dates despite the best laid plans of men, huh?! And this cast… who’s ready for some more Chris Pratt on the big screen? Bryce Dallas Howard?!


The Hunger Games


Natalie Dormer Talks Mockingjay, Penises, and Feminism

You know one thing if you watch Game of Thrones. There will be a lot of boobs in your face. Like a lot! It kinda really is unfair. I mean why is it more acceptable to see woman naked than it is a man? So we support you in your quest for more naked men



Thankful Week: 10 Things We’re Thankful For on ‘Arrow’

As Thanksgiving approaches, we’ve thought about all of the wonderful things that Warner Bros. and The CW have given us with Arrow. There are so many things to be thankful for on The CW’s hit show, including So as we prepare to feast on turkey surrounded by friends and family on Thursday, we’re spending some time with our Arrow family. Here

Fifty Shades of Grey


Rita Ora Discusses Her Role in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

We told you before we won’t apologize for our need to cover Fifty Shades of Grey from all angles. We read everything that we can get our hands on about the movie – as well, you know, we’re obsessed. We’re actually looking forward to Rita Ora being in the movie. The singer/actress discussed her role


penguins short fuse

EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Ken Jeong

Last week, we had the opportunity to go to the Winter Village at Bryant Park for the Penguins of Madagascar red carpet event with the likes of Ken Jeong (Short Fuse), John Malkovich (Dave), Christopher Knights (Private), Benedict Cumberbatch (Classified), and more! We didn’t get a chance to talk to everyone but we did get



We’re Loving That Shailene Woodley is Covering GQ

Shailene Woodley is fun. She is fearless. She is outgoing. There is nothing that she can’t do. The actress, who we know from Divergent, The Fault in Our Stars,  and Secret Life of the American Teenager has made quite the name for herself. She caught the worlds eyes in The Descendants, opposite George Clooney. We