Part Two Of Our Interview with Alice Englert

So, we left off in the middle of Alice’s interview. Let’s finish giving you the update. We need to say that the last two question are not ours.  You’ll see when you get to those.

Question:  What do you have in common with Lena?

Alice: Well you know, the supernatural powers I have had (laughs). Apart from that, I have moved around a lot like she has. I know what it’s like to not know where you stand. I know what that is like.

Question: Which places have you moved to?

Alice: As a child I was all around Europe and America. New York and England. A lot of places and sometimes just traveling for my mothers work.

Question: Which cities were you in the longest?

Alice: I was in New York when I was quite young. I grew up in Sydney, Australia. London, London I love.

Question: So where is home now?

Alice: It is the room above my mothers garage in Sydney.

Question: Do you miss anything about Australia?

Alice: I miss it because I was born there. I miss Tim Tams. I do. I really miss Tim Tams.

Question: Do you believe in magic?

Alice: I did when I was a kid. I don’t really know where magic starts and ends. What defines that really? I am curious. I love seeing peoples perspectives.

Question:  Do you have any superstitions?

Alice: I am sort of superstitious for the fun of it.

Questions: What actresses do you like?

Alice: I love John Malkovich. I have always adored him. You know this is that great question that you can never answer. Meryl Streep is amazing. I don’t even know what to say to that. There is a whole lot of people.

Question: Young actors?

Alice: I love Charlotte Gainsworth.

Question: (We’d like to preface, we didn’t ask this one) Have you spoken to Kristen Stewart or anybody about the level of fame you can anticipate?

Alice: No.

Question: (Once again, not us) Emma Watson?

Alice: No.


The interview ended on that note. We walked out, and talked with the producers and executives from Alcon. Each one greeted us and spoke to us as if we were the most important people there. We were just two girls from California.

So fast forward a few hours, and it’s time to leave. The international journalists left in one van, and we waited with Marlena, who is one of our favorite people in the world. We heard a voice, and turned to see Alice skipping down the way with Viola’s daughter. She was smiling and singing, and enjoying each moment.

Alice is a pillar of strength. We won’t lie, we weren’t exactly sold on Alice as Lena at first. But then, when we saw her skipping down the drive, laughing and smiling, we knew. Maybe it was because we got to see the side from her that we knew could be vulnerable. We saw a side of her that said that she could be that mix of strength, hope, and vulnerability that Lena is.

We stood watching Alice, as she laughed and danced. She’s got a bright future.

We are thrilled that she’s going to be a part of our fandom. She’s going places, and we hope that one is back to Gatlin County for Beautiful Darkness.


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