People’s Sexiest Man of the Year: Redefining What Sexy Means

If you haven’t heard, People Magazine recently named Blake Shelton as 2017’s Sexiest Man of the Year. Sure, it’s a silly distinction but one with plenty of social media clout and a lot of people were unhappy with this years choice.

Now I don’t personally find him attractive, but some said that’s because I’m a lesbian…  Even so, I can still appreciate the sexiness of men like Chris Pine or Shemar Moore. Hell, I’d even take Nathan Fillion over Shelton because at least his humor isn’t often at the expense of another person.

For those who may not know, Blake Shelton has tweeted out a number of homophobic and racist tweets over the years. And while I get trying to be funny on Twitter can be hard with limited characters, all of his tend to fall completely flat.

Thankfully, Twitter users have been quick to point out some of these unsexy failures.

Also, skittles and Ellen? How original Blake.

Men like Blake Shelton is why I always joke I’m a lesbian. He comes across as that drunk uncle who isn’t really funny, but no one wants to tell him because that’s his shtick.

And that’s exactly why some people are letting Shelton get away with his past indiscretions. To them it’s innocent or they think it’s actually funny, but to the people who identify as the minority he’s making fun, it’s micro-aggressive, unnecessary, and not a laughing matter.

In 2016 when these tweets first surfaced, fans ask that he address the issue. Shelton then issued this apology.


In his apology, he said that “comedy has been a major part of my career” and that was probably the most comedic he has ever been.

Minority groups are often the butt of the joke, so we should stop giving attention to people that use a platform as such. If you have to make fun of a minority group to be funny – you’re doing it wrong.

The truth is, in today’s society, we need to hold people accountable for their actions no matter when, why, or how it happened. Thankfully, people are becoming more empowered to call out those who have wronged them or others.

People’s Sexiest Man and Woman of the Year Award has a history of not being as diverse as our society is, so maybe with some proper vetting and better qualifiers we can redefine what sexy means.

Hillary is tv/film fanatic and spends most of her free time talking about all things pop culture and representation. Her current day job is working in the nonprofit sector, and she is pretty much in love with any show that has strong female characters. Never one to be boxed into any sort of genre, her current favorites range from Wynonna Earp and Dark Matter to One Day At a Time and Modern Family.