First Photo Of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ After The Time Jump Released

While we wait for August 11th and the reveal of A (which we are having faith in you Marlene King – that there is no more lies and this really is A), Pretty Little Liars has released a first look of the Liars after the time jump. And all we can think is, where is Mona?

Now we know she’s not one of the main Liars, but we want to see what happens to them all.


No one looks too happy in this picture. Wonder what set them off. Do they not like each other anymore?

The time jump starts one year after they have finished college.

“We made that decision so they would have a year to finish school and firmly root themselves into their desired careers, so their wardrobe and hair and makeup and styles reflect where they are professionally in their lives,” showrunner Marlene King said to EW.

We’re wondering what story is left to be told, but no worries – we’ll be watching every step of the way.


Photo: EW



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