PHOTOS! Jai Courtney is HOT on the Cover of DA MAN



Jai Courtney is covering the latest issue of DA MAN Magazine for their 7th Anniversary and well, lets just say we are forever indebted to this magazine because good lordy Jai is lookin GOOD! Jai talks some Divergent, some Terminator, but really we just want to stare at the pics!

 Regarding his recent successes in actionmovies, Courtney confesses, “I wouldn’t say it’s my focus, but I’ve had a lot of fun shooting films with heavy amounts of action. I like breaking that pattern from job to job, but as long as the script resonates with me well, I will always be open to do more action movies.” Recalling his time spent shooting Divergent, where he plays Eric, Courtney shares, “Divergent was a lot of fun to shoot. We were in Chicago for about four months. The cast was a great group, and we all got along like old friends.”



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