Pia Mia Releases First Track from Upcoming ‘After’ Film

2019 is looking to be a big year for Pia Mia. Not only is she preparing for the world to swarm to the theaters for her first acting role in the highly anticipated After, releasing April 12, 2019, she has been hard at work preparing her latest album.

For her, the bridge between the worlds of music and acting feel organic, and now that she has a song in a film in which she stars, it is a surreal experience.

“Growing up and seeing Whitney Houston with her song in The Bodyguard, and then Lady Gaga with ‘Shallow’ in A Star Is Born — now there’s ‘Bitter Love’ to go with After. It makes me so excited. I’ve wanted to release this song for so long and this film just felt like the best way to do it.” – Pia Mia, Billboard

As if the experience wasn’t thrilling enough, producers encouraged Pia to submit songs for the soundtrack, and it was author Anna Todd who gravitated to Bitter Love. The song will be featured during the ending credits of the film.

“Anna was like, ‘This is Tessa and Hardin. This is perfect for the movie. It’s exactly their story,’. When After fans hear it, they’re going to be like, ‘Damn. This is it.’ It’s as if the song was specifically written for Tessa and Hardin.” – Pia Mia, Billboard

To read the complete interview with Pia Mia and Billboard, click HERE.


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