Picture of ‘Charlie Tango’ Released on the #FSOG Facebook Page

Are you ready for Fifty Shades of Grey?

Well if you are like us, the answer is a mixed bag. Yes, we are. But we aren’t at the same time. Don’t know if we can handle the heat. But at the same point, we have never been more excited.

The first trailer will hit this week, premiering the 24th on The Today Show. The Official Facebook page posted a picture of Charlie Tango yesterday and even we admit – our inner goddess was asking if it was time for Mr. Grey yet. (Yes, that sounds a lot kickier than it’s meant to).

What exactly is Charlie Tango?

Charlie Tango is the name of the helicopter that Christian Grey owns and pilots. It is a Eurocopter. He frequently uses it to travel between Seattle and Portland. 

Anytime you would like to release a picture of Christian Grey shirtless…

Just saying.


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