Pine, Pratt, Hemsworth, and Evans: Why Each Chris is Important


When it comes to your favorite Chris, we all will fight tooth and nail for them. But why is each one important? We’re looking at the big four.

When it comes to Chris Pine, Pratt, Hemsworth, or Evans, we all have our favorite. That’s part of the joy of them. You and your friends get to fight about which one is the best and why. But have we ever stopped to look at them and think to ourselves why they’re great?

Probably not so we’re going to take a quick glance at each of the big four. We’re going to examine why we love them and what it means to be a fan of each one!

Chris Pratt

From lovable Andy Dwyer to the hunk we know now, Chris Pratt has really changed in our eyes through the years. When he was Andy, we saw him as the funny guy. Then Peter Quill came along and he got really buff and honestly, the world opened up and we all took in Chris Pratt as our lord and savior.

That’s not to say that he is perfect, far from it. But we still enjoy his wit and his love for his family and for food. So Pratt is important because he definitely makes us laugh and wants everyone to just have a good time.

Chris Evans

The Cap, Evans has always been a babe. From his less buff days (where he still could probably have ripped a log in half) to now (when he definitely can rip a log in half), Chris is a sweet guy who also happens to be absolutely beautiful.

Evans has this very fratboy quality to him that doesn’t really make sense with his personality. But he’s funny and smart and really makes us love him when he is the total opposite of what we perceive of him.

Chris Hemsworth

Well George Kirk went on to be Thor and then continued to steal our hearts in the female Ghostbusters. Hemsworth, the only one of the Chrises who isn’t American, is our Australian god. No, he isn’t really a god but he plays one! And he’s funny and cute and really, Hemsworth is just a fun guy to look at it. Really, it’s as simple as that.

Chris Pine

And now, to my favorite of them all. Chris Pine is what I like to call the unproblematic fave. He is a feminist, he is funny and oh so intelligent and he’s extremely talented. But not only that, he seems to be like the nicest guy around.

When it comes to Pine, I literally have multiple people always showing my pictures of him. But it is because everyone wants to talk about him. There is just a magnetism to him that makes us all enjoy his work and talking about Chris.

So yes, they’re all here and famous for different reason and there are probably a millions reasons why you have your favorite. But here are just some general ideas of why they’re important and why we love them all!

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