Pretty Little Liars 7×11 Review: Playtime

Pretty Little Liars Endgame
Pretty Little Liars Endgame

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After a long hiatus, Pretty Little Liars returned, back and as fAbulous as ever. PLL’Playtime laid it all out on the line, leaving fans – as always – with an immeasurable amount of questions.

The mid-season finale left fans wondering about the well-being of some of their favorite characters, namely Spencer and Toby. Thankfully, they both are okay, though they sustained some injuries. Noel, on the other hand, is quite dead. No going back from getting his head chopped off. But, of course, this is Pretty Little Liars we’re talking about. Is anyone ever truly dead in Rosewood?

In other news, the position of swim coach has been filled by Emily Fields. And the athletic director? None other than Paige McCullers. Unfortunately for Ali, that means some mega awkward faculty meetings with Emily as a moderator.

Ezra’s back in town, entering the apartment just as Aria’s about to leave. In a cute, relationship-saving way, Ezra takes Aria’s suitcase along with his own to show that nothing can stop them from being together.

While Aria is talking to Ezra about the whole Nicole-is-alive situation, she gets an SOS text from Spencer. Aria meets the others at Spencer’s barn.

Finally, after years (okay maybe months) of waiting, we got to see what was hidden in the black box – another one of A.D.’s games.

The liars agree not to play it, but after Spencer’s mess of a conversation with… her mom who is apparently not her mom because she knows once and for all that Mary Drake is her biological mother. A.D.’s game gives her the opportunity to find out more about Mary and since she’s currently no where to be found, Spencer is willing to take the risk.

Turn’s out it’s a risky game of Truth or Dare. It looks like Spencer is leaning towards truth, but at the last second, she chooses dare. Perhaps she has something to hide (*cough cough* her feelings for Toby *cough cough*). Still, in choosing dare, she has to go to the hospital to visit Toby.

After Spencer confesses to the others that she tried to play A.D.’s game, Hanna makes an attempt to stab the board with a knife. This doesn’t go over too well with A.D. – always one step ahead. The phone attached to the board played a clip of the liars digging up Rollins from where he was buried.

Looks like it’s too late to go back now. The liars will have to play the game in order to protect their secret.

Check out the trailer for next week’s episode:

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