Pretty Little Liars Fan Theory: Lucas May Be A.D.

There is nothing I love/hate more than trying to figure out who A.D. is on Pretty Little Liars. The show is always dropping clues and they are always going right over my head. I can’t help it. Even thought that is happening, I still find myself sitting here and trying to analyze everything.

Luckily I am not alone and there are fans out there that are a hell of a lot smarter than me. They pick up on every clue. This fan theory about who A.D. is seems so very plausible.

Though we have quite some time between now and the finale to figure out if they are right – see if you are as convinced about the possibility of A.D. being Lucas as we are. If he’s Spencer’s twin… that would be like WOAH.

Pretty Little Liars returns April 18th.

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