‘Pretty Little Liars’ NYCC Interview: Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson

As we all know, New York Comic Con was just a few weekends ago, and everyone was totally crying at home, wishing they could be there (psh, I totally wasn't a part of that crowd). However, while we were all contemplating our lives, Fangirlish had the opportunity to interview two of the beautiful ladies of the hit show 'Pretty Little Liars', Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson, AKA, Buttahbenzo. 

First off, can we just agree on one thing: these girls look absolutely STUNNING. I don't think it should be humanly possible for two girls to look so good. They're just sitting there and looking like models, it's truly a gift we all wish we had at one point or another.

Now, let's look at things we gathered from this interview:

  • The time jump is five years long, and features the Liars after they all went to college. They have all gone in very different directions.
  • They go through a lot of things while being away, but Emily has had it the worst (no, not our Emily!).
  • They can't reveal much about the time jump, but a certain event makes them all flock back to Rosewood.
  • There is going to be a special episode of PLL airing in November, showing us where the girls are and what's happening with them.
  • Ashley also hinted that each Liar probably won't be with the same person, relationship wise. RIP Haleb, you will forever be in our hearts.
  • ABC Family is having a name change; the new name of the channel is going to be Freeform.
  • Shay believes that the actresses in the show actually playing their age makes their characters more confident.
  • The Liars don't film together that often anymore because they have been going their own ways in the show, which breaks our little Buttahbenzo hearts.
  • This season is going to have a lot more mature topics, which Shay and Ashley love.
  • The things the Liars are going to be dealing with this season are a lot more crazy than what they dealt with before. Let your mind do with that what it will.
  • The last thing we gathered from this interview is that Ashley needs to get some sleep. She looks exhausted! We hope our little Benson is doing okay.

All we can say is that we're so excited to see what this season brings, because we're missing our five Liars up on our screens.

Watch the full interview below!


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