‘Pretty Little Liars’ Trailer Released

Everyone around the world is screaming and crying out of frustration as they try to figure out what the new Pretty Little Liars trailer means. It’s the first full length trailer we’ve gotten for the season airing this January, and WE ARE NOT OKAY. Before we begin discussing it, go ahead and watch the brand new trailer below.

First of all, wow. Too many things going on. So many scenes, so much information, but what good is information when you can’t piece it together? What I gathered from this trailer is that Alison is very insistent on getting her sister, CeCe, out of jail by a court hearing. She is trying to convince Aria, Spencer, Hanna, and Emily to all come with her to court and say that they aren’t scared of her anymore, and basically that they understand what she did. However, in my opinion, that’s a very big request. That’s like asking a waiter for everything on the menu; stressful, and probably impossible.

We have to keep in mind that not only did CeCe physically torture them over the years, ending in them being held captive in the dollhouse for weeks, she also emotionally tortured them. She got into their heads, made them turn against each other, their family. Spencer ended up in Radley. Aria, at one point, was convinced -A was her brother, and at another time her father. Emily’s mom was almost killed. The list goes on, and all of those things aren’t very forgivable.

Maybe if it was just a few weeks of the taunting and the threatening, that would be possibly forgivable, but keep in mind that these girls were tortured by CeCe for years. Ali asking them to tell the court that they aren’t afraid of her and forgive her is outrageous, especially since they’ve finally moved on and have done their best to forget about their past in Rosewood.

We also see a lot of Spencer and Caleb in this trailer. Not Hanna and Caleb, not even a good amount of Spencer and Toby, but Spencer and Caleb. Now, every time they’ve gotten together in the past seasons, it’s been to scheme and carry out plans together, so let’s hope there’s not going to be any Spaleb(?) romance going on. However, they don’t seem to be scheming, as much as Caleb comforting her. Sure, that’s what friends do, but why go to Caleb? Have they kept in touch over the five year break? Why didn’t she go to Toby, since she has more history with him? Or to one of the girls? Why Caleb? It gets us worried. Not to mention throughout the whole trailer, we really only see Spencer with Caleb. Sorry, Marlene, but I don’t think anybody could ship that.

Speaking of not seeing any Hanna and Caleb in this preview, WHY THE HECK IS HANNA KISSING A RANDOM DUDE? Sure, he’s got nice scruff, and he’s dressed all fancy, but hey! That’s Caleb’s girl! Ashley Benson did hint that the girls are going to be in different relationships, so I guess we can’t act too surprised. But still, RIP Haleb.

Now, after some calm scenes of people talking and focusing on Ali convincing them to go to court, it picks up quick. It shows Aria, Hanna, and Emily (we do not see Spencer!), getting a text from an blocked number, reading ‘You know what you did and I’m going to make you talk’. Uh, creepy? And what could they possibly have done? They just got back to Rosewood, and they’re already wreaking havoc left and right. Also, why didn’t we see Spencer’s phone ringing? Did she send the text, or was she just not involved in whatever they did? Did the girls do something behind Ali’s back that she found out about? SO MANY QUESTIONS. I personally think Ali sent the tex because the girls couldn’t go through with what she was asking for, especially because of what Melissa (yes, Melissa’s back!) says to Hanna. “Everyone’s got a past, Hanna. Aren’t you curious of what she’s going to use against you?”

We then see, directly after, someone who looks like Ezra walking towards a church, and then just a few seconds later, Aria and Ezra arguing. Aria is telling Ezra that she understands why he did what he did, and that she wanted to help him. But what did he do? He’s all unshaven and looks tired, so whatever it may be, is stressing him out. He’s also very angry by her saying that, for whatever reasons. He snaps at her, asking her who she thinks he is. And then the screen repositions to Aria standing behind Ezra, and Ezra yelling at Emily, Hanna, and Spencer to get out. It seems like Aria is hiding behind him, like she’s on his side and the rest aren’t but maybe it’s just where she’s standing. Whatever Aria confronted Ezra about though, he doesn’t like it. I’ve never seen Ezra so angry, personally, and so disheveled. It’s weird, and we can’t help but be worried.

Then, more Spencer and Caleb, as they’re breaking into a garage type facility. It looks like they’re getting a someone’s stuff out of a trashcan, but we can’t be sure. Caleb’s voiceover is saying that they are smarter and stronger this time around, while Spencer responds that it could be anybody hiding in plain site. So, we are just going to take a guess that they are being taunted by yet another -A. Who could it be? We have no idea. But what we do know is that Sara Harvey is over sitting on a bench, casually drinking a soda while looking all smug at Emily. Is she in on the scheme, once again? God, we hope not. Maybe the reveal will be a little more shocking and heart wrenching this time, Marlene?

The last minute or so was PLL’s classic trailer; random scenes quickly being put into a collage where it’s basically impossible to see and decipher what’s happening. We see Caleb on a video telling whoever the villain is this season that if they could change the rules, so could they. We see Emily screaming, Spencer jumping from wall to wall, the girls getting a a facial (and Hanna hilariously stating, “This is so not relaxing”, Spencer and Caleb together AGAIN. And the trailer ends with Spencer telling Aria that she’s still “good at this”, and Aria responding, “Yeah, well, I’ve had a lot of practice”.

It was way too much to comprehend in one trailer, but it still got us at the edge of our seats, like Pretty Little Liars always does. Would it really be PLL if it didn’t have us screaming, “WTF IS GOING ON?!” at one point or another? Nope.

So, who do you think is the one sending the messages and taunting the girls this time? What are your preditctions for this upcoming season? Let’s chat!


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